Why you will never see Kate and William do THIS in photographs

Author reckons Will has a strategy following a life under the lens

Photographers hoping to get a shot of the Duke or Duchess of Cambridge looking straight down their camera are likely to remain frustrated, according to an author.

Juliet Rieden, who penned The Royals in Australia, reckons a snap of Prince William or Kate Middleton locking eyes with a member of the paparazzi is about as elusive as a regal picture can possibly be.

That’s because she reckons Wills, after a lifetime under the lens, is now experienced in handling constant surveillance by photographers and fans eager to capture a royal moment forever.

Furthermore, the author also believes his wife Kate has adopted to same tactic of avoiding direct eye contact.

Over here, guys! (Credit:

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Rieden is quoted by as suggesting Wills shies away from currying favour with correspondents who help create his public persona.

He doesn’t court the media,” she apparently claimed.

“His focus is on meeting the people. He walks straight past the media [at events], he will not stand and pose.”

The Australian writer also suggested this limits the chances of a pap managing to bag an intimate pic when shooting either of the royal couple.

Wills “doesn’t court the media” (Credit: Flynet – SplashNews)

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Juliet reportedly continued: “You will find that it is very difficult to get a picture of William and Catherine looking straight at the camera because it is not something they naturally do.”

It is also speculated Wills may wish to discourage paparazzi from becoming too familiar due to the harassment suffered by his late mother Princess Diana.

Earlier today the couple kept their eyes forward as they were driven past waiting photographers at Buckingham Palace for an event celebrating father Charles’ fifty years as the Prince of Wales.

However, one photographer did manage to rattle off a shot of brother Harry glancing in their direction as he arrived with pregnant wife Meghan.

Eye eye – Harry spies a snapper as he is driven into Buckingham Palace this morning (Credit:

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