Dougie James ex wife Gail Waring

Who was Dougie James’ wife? Mum of Adam, Scott and Ryan Thomas divorced him

Dougie's death was announced today

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It’s a very sad day for the Thomas family, as Ryan, Adam and Scott have lost their father Dougie James – but did he also have a wife?

Anyone who watched Mancs In Mumbai: Absolutely India this summer saw the incredibly close relationship celebrity brothers Ryan, Adam and Scott share.

Mancs in Mumbai
Mancs In Mumbai proved a hit with viewers (Credit: ITV)

Dougie’s trio of Thomas sons

The lads were also incredibly tight with their adorable dad Dougie James.

In fact, they were estranged from him for a while in their childhood, which has left some emotional scars in particular with eldest son Ryan.

Dougie left his wife, the boys’ mum Gail Waring, and pursued his life as a soul singer touring the world.

However, remarkably there was an admirable lack of bitterness.

Gail Waring, mum of Adam, Scott and Ryan Thomas

The telly star siblings are also very much Mummy’s boys and clearly adore mum Gail Waring.

The lads often share pics on social media with the family Matriarch, who’s an adoring grandma to Ryan’s kids Scarlett and Roman, and Adam’s children Teddy and Elsie-Rose.

Gail Waring
Dougie James and Gail had a strained relationship after they split (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV Studios)

When did Dougie James and Gail divorce?

Gail was married to 70s musician Dougie, but they divorced after the birth of their twins Adam and Scott.

Ryan previously revealed that his mum and dad’s relationship has been very strained in the past

He told Star TV: “The first time they were together again was for my 21st birthday.

“But my dad had to be on one side of the room and my mum on the other.”

Dougie James left sons Adam, Scott and Ryan Thomas

Speaking on Mancs In Mumbai, Ryan admitted: “My dad left us for years when we were younger.

“And then he came back into our lives and we never really talked about it.

“There were a lot of unanswered questions, which we touched on and I think we needed to. It got quite emotional.”

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