Coronation Street viewers left baffled by Dev’s sky-high pricing in the corner shop

His profit margins must be huge...

We know everything is more expensive these days, and that convenience stores are never the cheapest of places, but Dev Alahan’s corner shop in Corrie seems to be in a pricing league of its own.

HOW much? (Credit ITV)

Last night, viewers where left aghast as Michelle popped in to the store to pick up a few items and was presented with a bill that would suggest she’d done half her weekly food shop there.

Except she hadn’t.

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No wonder her card was declined with those prices (Credit: ITV)

Appearing to pack just three items into a carrier bag for Michelle, including a jar of coffee and a box of sweets, Dev didn’t miss a beat as he told her the total.

“£18.50,” he said, as Michelle chatted with Steve at the counter.

How much?

Michele was obviously used to paying over the odds though as she didn’t query the amount as she handed over her bank card.

However, the over-inflated prices didn’t go down well with the viewers, who immediately voiced bafflement over how so few items could cost so much.

“#CoronationStreet £18.50!!!! hope the coffee is worth it for that price!” wrote one.

“£18.50 in a corner shop? What the heck did Michelle buy?” demanded another.

We can only assume it was the world’s finest coffee and handmade Champagne truffles…

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And in the end, despite several swipes of her card, Michelle didn’t actually have the funds available to pay for her items, leaving Dev to tell her to settle the bill next time she was in.

He’s certainly not green when it comes to setting his prices (Credit: ITV)

Steve, who witnessed the whole fiasco, later visited Michelle and offered her a 10k handout, claiming there had been an error in their divorce settlement, and he would rather settle it with her now while he has the cash, than have her finding out and asking him for it in the future.

Leaving her with more than enough spends for another shopping spree at Dev’s.

(£18.50 for three items though? We wonder if that included 5p for the carrier bag?)

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