Viewers hopping mad over Channel 5’s insensitive Easter Sunday film

Dead rabbits, anyone?!

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Of all the films, in all the world… Channel 5 really could have been a little bit more sensitive with its Easter scheduling.

The festive period – for the non-religious among us – centres around chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Aww, bunny rabbits – cute furry creatures that represent spring, new life and all that.

So what did ‘the fifth channel’ screen? Watership Down.

That’s right, a film about rabbits. But, er…

Children of the seventies and eighties in particular have doubtless never recovered from this ‘classic’ – which features the SLAUGHTER of our hoppy little friends…

The 1978 film, from the book by Richard Adams, is thought to be based on his experiences of WWII.

It features Fiver, a young rabbit who persuades seven friends to join him on a journey to a new home when he suspects their warren is in danger – but far greater perils lie ahead for them. (We can’t even go *there*, our scars are not healed…)

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Naturally, the outrage over this ill-timed transmission spilled onto Twitter.

One viewer typed: “Watership Down on Channel 5 at 12.45 while wee weans are thinking about Easter bunnies?

“What psychopath is running the show there?”

Another viewer pointed out that kids were now watching rabbits get killed after having their eggs delivered by Easter bunnies…

Other viewers flexed their sarcasm muscles by ‘praising’ Channel 5 for its choice of “cheery” film.

Still, we all make mistakes… living is for learning, right? Except… not if you’re Channel 5, it seems.

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The broadcaster landed itself in hot water last Easter Sunday for its choice of family film. You guessed it: Watership Down!

Perhaps they could try Donny Darko next year…

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