Love Island

Two brand new hunks head into the Love Island villa to spice things up tonight

The series is starting to heat up!

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The brand new series of Love Island kicked off this week and things are already starting to heat up.

The islanders are not even comfortably settled into the villa yet and already two new heartthrobs are heading in to spice things up.

Chris and Jonny are set to make their entrance into the villa in tonight’s show.

Jonny and Chris are the brand new islanders ready to stir up the villa! (Credit: Twitter)

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First up is international man of mystery Jonny.

Jonny is heading into the villa for mainly the experience (Credit: ITV)

Who: Jonny Mitchell, 26, from Essex. About: Jonny is a business director who enjoys to travel the world. He has admitted he wants to go on the show mainly for the experience.

Speaking about finding love on the show Jonny said: “I wouldn’t go for the best looking girl as she’s probably going to leave you when a better looking geezer comes along.

“I’d go for the less pretty one as they’re likely to latch on and stick with you to the end. I want to be a cut above the rest and not let the testosterone fly around.”

He went on to confess that he “doesn’t care” about being intimate on camera.

He revealed: “I don’t care, I’ll do anything. My family are pretty easy going, they won’t mind.”

Joining him is country boy Chris.

Chris is hoping to find love on the show (Credit: ITV)

Who: Chris Hughes, 24, from Gloucestershire. About: Chris is a Golf Clothing Ambassador who’s celebrity crush is singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Chris admitted he has a ruthless streak and says he has no loyalty to any of the lads in the villa.

He said: “I’m also outgoing with a great personality and I love meeting new people. With my eyes and my smile as well, it could work for me.

“If I like a girl in the villa, it could get serious quickly.

“I like to treat a girl and I’m quite an old-fashioned romantic.”

Jonny and Chris will join the villa on June 7, but how will their fellow islanders react?

The islanders headed in the villa Monday (Credit: ITV)

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The show’s viewers are already loving the brand new series and it seems this year’s contestants are already stirring up the villa.

During last night’s episode fans were shocked as islander Montana snogged Dom in front of his new partner Jessica.

If you haven’t yet caught up with the latest drama Jessica stole Dom from Montana during Monday’s show.

But now a jealous Montana is doing everything in her power to get her man back.

The series is already surrounded with drama (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were shocked to see Montana go in for the smooch.

One said: “Montana was an absolute savage there when she kissed Dom in front of Jessica #LoveIsland.”

“How savage is Montana though #loveisland,” said another.