Toddler twins “cause chaos” and trash set during live Kay Burley interview on Sky News

Isla and Jemima may look cute, but they wreaked havoc!

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It’s unusual to see super-professional news anchor Kay Burley lose her cool, but she met her match when twins Isla and Jemima appeared on her couch yesterday.

On Tuesday (5 March), even Kay had to admit defeat and let the cute siblings run amok in the studio.

Kay Burley Sky News twins
Jemima and Isla made the studio their home… (Credit: Sky News)

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And luckily Kay saw the funny side, when the toddlers caused chaos and ran around the set – even forcing the presenter to pick one up at one point and carry her back!

Well, have you ever tried to keep 18-month-old twins contained where there are lots of cables, glass, shiny things and steps?

Twins Kay Burley Sky News
The best type of chaos (Credit: Sky News)

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“Miracle twins” Jemima and Isla appeared on Sky News with their parents, who were there to talk about the life-changing surgery mum Tabitha went through when she was pregnant due to an abnormality in her placenta.

Isla and Jemima were born seven weeks premature as a result of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTS).

As their parents spoke to Kay about their challenging pregnancy, the not-at-all-terrible twins ignored the soft toys that had been laid out for them, instead preferring to explore the set.

Kay Burley twins
Kay intervened to stop Isla falling down some steps (credit: Sky News)

Isla was seen grabbing Kay’s interview notes and throwing her toy monkey off a ledge, before heading straight for one of the expensive cameras.

She also knocked over the coffee table and made a run for it, before her dad Ben grabbed her and tried to sit her back on his lap. Which lasted all of about one second!

Kay handled it all like a pro, joking the pair were going to be “a handful”.

Fans watching from home fell in love with the little ones, with one saying: “What an absolute delight to watch these little girls; @KayBurley handled with aplomb!!”

Another said: “The twins in the Kay Burley Show are hilarious.”

A third added: “Loved watching the cute twins cause chaos with ⁦@KayBurley⁩ on ⁦@SkyNews⁩ earlier – if you didn’t see it have a look…”

Hard to imagine now, but Isla and Jemima weighed less than 3lbs each when they were first born.

Mum Tabitha had to be operated on just 18 weeks into her pregnancy, as the twins were getting an uneven amount of blood as a result of this extremely rare abnormality of the placenta.

After having laser ablation surgery and an amnio-reduction in her second trimester, Tabitha had an emergency C-section at 28 weeks.

“They’ve been amazing,” beamed Tabitha. “They’re absolutely amazing little girls and they’ve overcome all the odds and you wouldn’t know anything even happened.”

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