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The Tourist: 5 things we need cleared up in the final episode

So many question, so very little time

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We’re going to miss The Tourist when the final ends its run on BBC One next week. Even though we binged it as soon as it was on iPlayer, it’s been fun to watch the Jamie Dornan drama in real time too.

Lots went down in episode five – mostly due to Elliot Stanley recovering some of his missing memories after sipping from Kosta’s micro-dosed water bottle.

The Tourist The Woman
Who is Lena Pascal? (Credit: iPlayer)

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We finally saw the moment he and Luci (Shalom Brune Franklin) met. And the moment he discovered she was the girlfriend of his scary boss, Kosta. Unfortunately, after they’d slept together.

So, with the finale coming up next weekend, here are the burning questions that must be answered.

Who is Lena Pascal and what was she to Elliot?

Whoever Lena is, she’s made a big impact on our Elliot. Ever since he was in the car crash and lost his memory in episode one, her face has been haunting him.

She’s smiling when he sees her in his dreams, and he seems to think that she’s important to him. But who is she? And what does she know about him?

Who is Luci/Victoria?

Jamie Dornan in The Tourist
Can Elliot trust his memory? (Credit: iPlayer)

According to Elliot’s LSD-induced memory, Luci introduced herself to him as a conwoman. They hatched a plan to steal a bag of money from Kosta and disappear to Australia together. But then Luci walked out on him, leaving the money behind.

This could all be true. But Elliot isn’t the most reliable of narrators. We’re not entirely convinced that Luci isn’t about to double-cross him again.

Who gets the money?

You know who should get the money? Helen. It would be enough for her to start a new life away from Burnt Ridge and put memories of her horrible almost-marriage behind her.

Things don’t usually work like that in TV though and the dosh is more likely to end up in the hands of someone less deserving.

Will Helen and Elliot get together?

Helen and Elliot kiss in The Tourist
We would very much stan this ship (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald) is the stand-out character in this show and she deserves to get her man. Elliot would be much better off with her than flighty, untrustworthy Luci. Or whatever her name is.

And, in one of his flashbacks, Elliot seemed to enjoy their kiss in the honeymoon suite.

Does Elliot die?

Of course, the whole point of The Tourist is that Kosta wants Elliot dead. So does he get what he wants? We also think he could be in trouble from Luci. She’s proved she can’t be trusted several times over.

Could she be the one to kill Elliot and take the money?

Will there be another series?

Obviously we don’t want Elliot to die. 1 – because we want him and Helen to get together and restore our faith in love. And 2 – because we really want another series of The Tourist.

Nothing has been announced yet, but hopefully there will be some exciting news after the final episode has aired.

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