Tamzin Outhwaite menopause

Tamzin Outhwaite on her ‘rage levels’ as she says working in lockdown ‘brought on’ menopause

She appeared in Julie Graham's Dun Breedin'

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Tamzin Outhwaite has started the menopause and she’s revealed it was “brought on” by working on her lockdown show Dun Breedin’.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Tamzin said: “I think it’s probably all happening now and I think it was brought on by Dun Breedin’.”

The show, written by Julie Graham, featured nine 10-minute episodes which aired on YouTube.

Described as a “hot, sweaty, flushy and brutally honest show about the taboo subject that is the menopause”, Tamzin said she didn’t know much about the symptoms of menopause beforehand.

Former EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite revealed her new YouTube project brought on the menopause (Credit: Splash News)

However, she reveals she most certainly does now.

What did Tamzin Outhwaite say about the menopause?

“Doing a thing about the menopause, I didn’t really know all the symptoms,” she said.

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“I remember my mum telling me she didn’t really notice anything, she was just a bit grumpy one day. So I’m thinking genetically I’ll probably have a similar menopause.

Once you know all those symptoms because you’re doing a comedy drama about it, they seem to come on more. It’s psychosomatic.

“But once you know all those symptoms because you’re doing a comedy drama about it, they seem to come on more. It’s psychosomatic,” she said.

“So now I’m feeling like, now I know everything that happens, I feel like it’s possibly there and possibly happening.”

The actress in Dun Breeding’ (Credit: YouTube)

Keeping her symptoms in check

Asked how she’s coping with the symptoms, 49-year-old Tamzin said she’s trying to keep her mood in check.

She said: “But really it’s about I want to be a nice person to be around. So it’s like, check my mood, check where my rage levels are, because that’s what Julie [Graham] said to me. ‘It was the rage that got me, the anger.’

“At the moment I’m doing alright. It’s not often that my kids look at me and go, what are you doing Mum? You’re acting ridiculously. I’m hoping I’ll be alright.”

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Tamzin also revealed that fans of Dun Breedin’ could be in for a treat, with TV execs keen to turn it into a “30-minute episode thing”.

She told ED!: “There are people interested in turning it into a 30-minute episode thing and Julie Graham has actually written something on the aftermath.

“The whole series, the nine episodes, really served as a brilliant pilot for it.”

She’s also excited for what it’ll actually look like with a budget and when the ladies can get out of their own houses and meet up.

“We kind of think well, if we can do that in lockdown, imagine what we can do when we’ve got a budget and we can go out the house and the girls can meet up.”

Tamzin Outhwaite menopause
Tamzin appears in Goldfish, the new music video from Matinee (Credit: YouTube)

“There’s interest from TV channels but no one tells us because no one wants to jinx it so they’re being quite secretive about it, but yes, there is,” she said.

Appearing in the new Matinee music video Goldfish

Tamzin fans can next see the former EastEnders star appearing in her first music video.

The actress stars in the video for the new single from Matinee.

It’s called Goldfish and saw Tamzin work with her real-life partner Tom Child.

“It was just lovely,” she said of working together. “I really loved it. We had a great time.”

Tamzin stars in the new video for Goldfish, the new single from Matinee. It’s available to pre-order from Friday (September 25) and is released on October 30. The video is directed and edited by Tom Child and Ben Wood of ManChildFilms.

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