Susanna Reid reveals she has had secret boyfriends since split from long term partner

She kept that quiet!

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has admitted to dating and having secret boyfriends since her split from the father of her children, Dominic Cotton.

Susanna broke up with her partner three years ago and the two have three children together; Finn, Jack and Sam.

Credit: BBC
Dominic Cotton has three children with Susanna (Credit: BBC)

Speaking with the Daily Mail’s Event magazine Susanna spoke about her dating life. She said: “I haven’t been single the entire time – and occasionally there are times when I’m not single – but dating is very distracting.”

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Although Susanna surely wouldn’t have much trouble finding a man, she said she doesn’t have time for a relationship right now and her job doesn’t help.

She revealed: “My work is really intense, very enjoyable and very absorbing. I have three boys who need my full attention.”

She also spoke about ex-partner Dominic and said that they do get along. She said: “Dom and I have a really good friendship and we’re both happy, separately.”

We doubt Susanna would have much trouble finding a man (Credit: Joe/WENN)

The beautiful 46-year-old TV host made her return to GMB today with Piers Morgan, and debuted her new hairstyle!

Susanna clearly had a shorter and sleeker hairdo but Piers didn’t seem to notice and it was only when political commentator Andrew Pierce said how much he liked her new look that Piers realised she had had a makeover.

Pleased that someone had pointed out her sleek new locks, Susanna said: “I’m so glad someone noticed. Thanks so much.”

Piers replied: “I didn’t realise you had [a new hairstyle]. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying enough attention.

“Now I can see it, it looks lovely.”

Susanna debuted her new look today (Credit: ITV)

But Susanna wasn’t happy, telling him: “Thanks, it’s a bit late!”

Piers and Susanna both had a break from presenting over the summer holidays and were replaced by a few different TV personalities including Jeremy Kyle and Richard Madeley.

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But viewers seemed to be happy that the pair were back, especially Piers, as fans were excited to see him get back to his controversial self as he was involved in an explosive debate with a guest on today’s show.

One fan tweeted: “Gotta love piers he only tells it how it is and what the viewers are thinking.”

Another said: “Piers Morgan makes mornings so much better,” while a third tweeted: “It’s so good to have Piers Morgan back on in the mornings! Hate to say it but I love that bloke.”

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