Susanna Reid publicly threatens to show humiliating footage of co-star Piers Morgan

GMB host was left red-faced after he's unable to switch on Christmas lights

Piers Morgan is in for a mocking on next week’s Good Morning Britain now that Susanna Reid has footage of his epic fail that took place last night.

Piers couldn’t switch the lights on! (Credit:

The presenter was in Stockbridge on Friday evening to switch on the town’s lights, with hundreds of locals turning up to watch the event.

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Piers seemed excited to start the celebration, saying: “OK, here we go Stockbrige. Are you ready for this?” before initiating a countdown.

However, at the moment the countdown reached ‘one’, Piers pressed the plunger down to no avail. The lights didn’t come on and he was left looking awkward and embarrassed as the display remained in darkness.

Locals saw the funny side, bursting into laughter while Pier’s seemed mortified. Hilariously, the moment was captured by an ITV camera crew.

He later tweeted: “Do NOT show this to @susannareid100 or I am dead on Monday morning.”

It didn’t take long for his co-host to clock the humiliating moment and mockingly suggest that he probably shouldn’t bother turning up for work next week.

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“Programme’s cancelled on Monday as I’ll just be playing this on a loop,” Susanna wrote.

Her followers joined in the mocking, with one saying: “I would not let Piers turn the studio lights on Monday Susanna.”

Luckily for red-faced Piers, the lights eventually came on 20 minutes later. We can’t wait to hear Susanna’s taunts on Monday morning!

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