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Monday 1st June 2020

Susanna Reid flustered as Piers Morgan asks intimate question on live TV

He was up to his usual cheeky tricks!

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid engaged in a cheeky chat during Thursday's Good Morning Britain.

Susanna, 47, was left red-faced when Piers, 53, asked her if she was "adventurous in bed".

His curious question came about after he was told fellow GMB star Kate Garraway has written an article claiming 40-plus women have more adventurous sex lives than Love Island contestants.

Piers was keen to know about Susanna's love life (Credit: ITV)

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Piers asked Kate: "Given that they are at it like dim-witted rabbits every second of the day, what is it that you do or know that they are not doing?"

A giggling Kate replied: "The article is out Sunday and I specifically chose that day as I knew I wasn't working with you on Monday so I'm furious that they've put an advert in today."

Susanna said: "I'd just like to point out there is another 40-plus woman sitting at the desk who might like to know this morning."

Piers then turned to Susanna and asked: "Are you more adventurous in bed than Love Island contestants?"

Piers asked Susanna if she's "adventurous in bed" (Credit: ITV)

As she started blushing, Susanna replied: "I just want to know what advice Kate has got for me."

When Piers pressed Kate to reveal her bedroom secrets, she exclaimed: "It's breakfast time!"

I just want to know what advice Kate has got for me.

Susanna asked Kate: "Keep it spicy, is that one of your tips?" to which Kate replied: "Is that one of yours?"

Susanna giggled and added: "I don't know, I'm just trying to help you out here!"

Showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold then asked Susanna: "When was the last time you played vikings and maidens?"

The presenters engaged in a saucy chat on today's show (Credit: ITV)

Susanna replied: "I like to keep that to myself."

Laughing, Piers said: "It's only 6:09am, this is certainly perking up things after the despair of last night," referring to England losing against Croatia in the World Cup semi-final.

He added: "It's all got a little hot under the collar here."

This isn't the first time Piers has quizzed Susanna on her love life.

Last month, the outspoken presenter teased his co-star on her relationship status.

Susanna was left blushing over Piers' comments (Credit: ITV)

Piers read out an interview Susanna did with the Radio Times, in which she admitted she isn't "entirely single."

He also asked about the "nice times" she said she's spent with men.

As Susanna nervously giggled, Piers then read out how Susanna goes to bed at 10pm every night and gets up at 4am for the show.

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He quipped: "So, there's quite a small window there for nice times."

Susanna put her face in her hands before quickly saying: "They're early evening nice times, pre-watershed nice times!"

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