Stella McCartney “furious” with Beckhams for publishing photo of her young daughter with Harper

The fashion designer goes to great lengths to protect her family's privacy

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Oh-oh! It looks like there’s a showbiz spat about to explode in celebville.

Harper at the palace (Credit: Instagram)

Fashion supremo Stella McCartney is said to be absolutely “furious”with the Beckhams after David posted a picture of their daughter Harper with some pals at Buckingham Palace on social media.

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The picture, that has since gone viral, was taken at a tea party hosted by Sarah Ferguson just before Harper’s sixth birthday.

It shows the wee mite in a line of little girls dressed as princesses, accompanied  by real life princess, Eugenie.

It has been reported that Stella is so angry because one of the girls in the line up – which we are not re-publishing out of respect – is her daughter Reiley Willis, who tries desperately to keep out of the public eye.

Stella supposedly isn’t happy that David posted the picture of her daughter (Credit: Instagram)

A source close to Stella has told the Sun that she is furious that David posted the picture without her consent.

“Stella is spitting feathers about it because she always tries to keep her kids out of the public eye and never posts about them on her own social media accounts,” they said.

“She is especially furious because she has an OBE and has nothing but respect for the royal family.

“She hoped no-one would notice it was Reiley and has outlined the rules to her staff.”

Harper and David had a blast at Buckingham Palace while the Queen was in Edinburgh (credit: Instagram)

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The Beckhams met Stella back in 2010 when David hired her husband Alasdhair as a style consultant while he was playing for the LA Galaxy team.

David’s social media posts have apparently caused some drama (Credit: Instagram)

The couple hit it off and have been friends ever since. As a result, Harper and Reiley are best mates and hang out when ever they can.

Reps for Stella and the Beckhams have yet to comment on the speculation about the spat, although the picture remains on David’s instagram. and has been liked 880,000 times.

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