Hollyoaks star teases “life-changing” aftermath of Ryan’s attack on Tegan

Are things about to get even darker?

The aftermath of Ryan’s attack on Tegan is going to be “life-changing”, according to Hollyoaks star Jessica Ellis.

Shocked viewers watched Ryan attack his girlfriend and then make it look like she’d killed herself after a violent confrontation.

Things got messy earlier in the week when Tegan found out boyfriend Ryan slept with her brother, Ste.

She stormed off to confront her boyfriend but he couldn’t control his temper as Tegan told him over and over again that he’s gay.

As she taunted him, memories of his last confrontation with Amy took over and he snapped – screaming at Tegan to shut up.

As his girlfriend tried to leave, Ryan’s temper took over, and he suffocated Tegan. Then he coldly placed her in the bath, with an empty wine bottle at her side and headed off to see Ste.

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When worried Leela tracked her sister down, Ryan watched in horror as she checked Tegan’s pulse and announced she was alive!

How much further will Ryan go to keep his secret?

Well, according to Jessica Ellis, who plays Teegs, there’s another twist still to come.

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“This is Hollyoaks and obviously it won’t be that straightforward as the story develops,” she told Radio Times.

And she added that what happens next to Tegan is “life-changing”!

She teased: “What I will say is a lot of research has gone into what happens to Tegan afterwards.”

Sounds intriguing!

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