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As Stacey Solomon reveals baby news, parenting expert opens up on age gap between kids

Entertainment Daily! speaks to an expert to find out why...

Stacey Solomon revealed her exciting baby news to the world this week.

The Loose Women panelist, 31, is set to welcome a new addition with fiancé Joe Swash.

But with sons Zachary, 13, Leighton, nine, and Rex, two, already in tow, does the perfect age gap between children even exist?

Here, Entertainment Daily speaks to parenting coach Sue Atkins to find out more.

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Stacey Solomon baby news: Is there a perfect age gap?

Deciding on when to have your children is usually an important decision for parents.

As for Stacey and Joe, it’s likely little Rex will be two when their new arrival is born.

So, what does Sue make of the idea of the perfect age gap?

It’s all about what fits in with your family

The expert told ED!: “Of course, there’s no ideal age gap with kids. It’s all about what fits in with your family.

“Children need time, love and care, so there’s no such thing as a perfect age gap.”

In addition, she shared: “The dynamic is how you create it with your own children. Respect is key to any happy family, regardless of the ages and stages of the kids.

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“If they look after each other, respect each other and talk nicely to each other, that’s what you need to create. You need to create an atmosphere of love, respect and teamwork within a family. That’s important.”

Furthermore, Sue explains: “What can happen is children tend to take on a role. Sometimes the eldest can feel dethroned by the second child.

What else did the expert say?

“Suddenly instead of being the top dog, getting everything immediately and having all the parents’ attention, the eldest feels sometimes left out.”

And the much-loved presenter should be extra cautious when it comes to spoiling her youngest.

“You’ve also got to be careful when it comes to the baby,” Sue went on.

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Stacey and Joe have been an item since 2016 (Credit:

“As a parent, you need to be careful you don’t make that child the pampered Prince or Princess because they’re the baby.

“That doesn’t really help them grow up to be independent.

“If you encourage all the other children to do everything for them, then sometimes they don’t learn to do anything for themselves. Sometimes it’s all about trying to find the balance.”

It’s all about trying to find the balance

Meanwhile, Sue also noted the importance of spending quality time with each child.

The expert added: “You also have to make sure that every child feels important, seen and heard. You could spend ten minutes reading a story with each child or doing something slightly special with them, like baking.

“Just make sure they don’t feel like they’re in a herd. Everyone wants to feel significant, so it’s important that the older children don’t feel like their noses are out of joint because they’ve got everyone cooing over the new baby.

“That can build up resentment, and that’s when children start to get naughty or unkind.”

So, what advice would Sue give to Stacey and Joe?

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She concluded: “You need to make sure each child feels important, special and valued.

“You could even get the two-year-old to help out, which will make them feel special and able to do things. It’s about making each child feel like they belong and they’re important.”

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