Coronation Street SPOILER: Two characters will exit show this week

It's going to be a gripping Corrie week

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The time has finally come for evil Nathan to stand trial for what he did to Bethany.

She has been preparing for this day for weeks, but now there is a chance that she might not even make it to court alive.

The sick groomer might be in prison, but that hasn’t stopped him from secretly manipulating his cohort Mel into going to stay with Bethany (Lucy Fallon) and her family.

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After realising that she couldn’t change Bethany’s mind about testifying, Mel has to resort to drastic measures when she gets a call from Nathan on the morning of the trial, ordering her to keep Bethany away – by any means necessary.

Telling her she wants to go and talk to the police, Mel drives Bethany to the station – but takes a detour down to the railway lines.

Brandishing a tyre iron and grabbing her by the hair, Mel leads Bethany down to the tracks and threatens her.

Then when trainee copper Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) gets a phone call to say there has been a fatality by the railway lines and he finds a necklace exactly like the one Bethany Platt has, he is terrified to think what might have happened.

So what goes down between Bethany and Mel? Well we know that Nathan’s brain-washed assistant Mel Maguire (played by Sonya Ibrahim) is leaving, but we don’t know exactly how.

And we also know sick Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper) is leaving the show.

We can all hope that is because Bethany and her friend Craig get their chance to testify in court and he is found guilty and put away for a very long time.

But it could also be because nobody gets to court to speak the truth and he and his sick gang get away with their crimes.

That’s certainly what his barrister is telling him, when it looks like Bethany is a no-show at court.

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After what the poor girl has been through – brilliantly portrayed by Lucy Fallon – we are all desperately hoping she gets justice.

Coronation Street is on ITV tomorrow at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.