Coronation Street SPOILER: First kiss pics of Carla Connor and Daniel Osbourne!

Things turn steamy and someone gets jealous

A hot new romance kicks off in Coronation Street next week when Carla Connor and Daniel Osbourne end up back at his flat enjoying a bit of afternoon delight.

Carla’s given lovelorn Daniel lots of advice over his relationship – or rather lack of one – with Sinead Tinker and, at the beginning of the week, she encourages him to go get his woman.

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But when Sinead knocks him back, Carla decides to have some fun of her own with Ken’s youngest son.

After collapsing in the Street and being forced to come clean to her family about her kidney disease, she is nervously waiting to hear if Aidan or Kate are a match.

Roy’s ruled out so Carla’s fate is in the hands of her half-siblings.

To take her mind off things, she invites herself up to Daniel’s flat – while Carla’s ex, Peter Barlow watches with jealousy.

Come off it Peter, you had your chance – and you royally blew it!

Inside, Carla cranks her flirting up to full throttle and a smitten Daniel can’t believe his luck.

Later, a regretful Sinead heads round to Daniel’s to tell him she’s changed her mind and wants them to try again.

But she’s stunned when she sees him and Carla kissing on the doorstep.

A devastated Sinead pours her heart out to Beth, who angrily confronts Daniel and Carla in the Rovers.

And it’s all in front of Peter, who is so jealous he could burst.

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Will Carla make a go of it with her ex’s little bro? Or is it all just a bit of fun?

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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