Piers Morgan ‘threatens to quit’ Good Morning Britain

He was mocked for being "difficult" to work with by colleagues

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has implied he’ll walk away from the show after the ITV show’s team poked fun at him.

The 53-year-old rabble-rouser was mocked for being “difficult” to work with by colleagues on GMB’s official Twitter account.

And it seems Piers – whose social media handle was not tagged into the message – did not take being cheeked all that well, threatening to cut ties if “any more tweets like this” were posted.

Apparently railing against the content of the clip, Piers responded via a quote tweet to his 6.5 million followers: “Relax. Any more tweets like this and you won’t be working with me on a daily basis.”

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The offending tweet – which included a clip of despairing production crew members – was a callout for fans to vote for the show at the upcoming National Television Awards.

It read: “This is an urgent appeal on behalf of the team at Good Morning Britain.

“We have to work with Piers Morgan on a daily basis – each day it gets more difficult.”

A solemn voiceover announced the plight of the programme’s staff over images showing them looking glum and stressed out by Piers’ early morning antics in the clip.

Pity them (Credit: @GMB Twitter)

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“These people have children to feed and bills to pay… but they work with Piers Morgan,” it said in a downbeat tone befitting an advert for a charity.

“Each day is more difficult than the last,” it continued.

“So please vote to let them know they’re not alone.”

This man is lucky not to have pulled all of his hair out (Credit: @GMB Twitter)

Piers’ response provoked a flurry or replies encouraging him to up and leave his job – and even his GMB co-host Susanna Reid had a cheeky dig.

“Keep tweeting. He’s going to resign,” urged Twitter user @Goonerman10.

But @PeterMc1946474 countered: “Noooooooo the only reason I watch it is because of yourself and your hard hitting questions that you ask and your non pc.”

Although Susanna didn’t comment directly, she did retweet a journalist commenting on the original GMB tweet.

Susanna joins in (Credit: Twitter)

Accompanied by a smiley face emoji, that remark read: “This is very funny.”

Piers is up against Ant and Dec, Tess Daly, Caroline Flack, James Corden and Jeremy Clarkson for the Best Presenter award at the NTAs – although he has already played down his chances of winning.

He said last week: “Ant and Dec will win, even though Ant hasn’t done a shred of work for the whole year.”

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