Piers Morgan SNUBBED by Prince Charles at awards dinner

HRH made a beeline for Susanna Reid!

Prince Charles gave Piers Morgan the swerve at a glitzy magazine bash last week, the Good Morning Britain host has revealed.

Writing in his column for the Mail on Sunday, Piers was left hanging by the heir to the throne as the former newspaper editor tried to brown-nose during GQ’s Men of The Year awards party.

Having admitted to “sycophantically” shouting his congratulations to the Prince as he made his way past Piers’ table to accept a gong, the 53-year-old obviously felt very self-satisfied with his remarks – even though Charles’ acknowledgement was brief.

According to Piers, Prince Charles glanced over and smirked after the comments, leading the GMB motormouth to joke to TV colleague Susanna Reid a future knighthood was in the bag.

Zed Jameson / Flynet - SplashNews
Piers who? (Credit: Zed Jameson / Flynet – SplashNews)

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However, it seems as if Charles may not have had Piers in mind when he looked over – despite his toadying efforts.

Detailing the Prince’s journey back past Piers’ table – which also included guests and acting stars Kate Beckinsale James Norton and Rose McGowan – the presenter noted he was thoroughly blanked.

“I held my hand out for the royal seal of approval,” Piers wrote, “only for him to completely ignore me and instead warmly greet Susanna, saying: ‘I do hope you have a LOVELY dinner.’

“She turned to me, her eyes combusting with uncontrollably smug delight, but said absolutely nothing. Words were superfluous.”

We imagine Susanna’s expression looked a little like this (Credit: ITV)

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Pied by royalty. Words may have been superfluous at the time, but we can’t imagine Susanna will let that go forever.

In the same article, Piers referred to his sometimes antagonistic on air relationship with Susanna, explaining how he was sandwiched by his ‘two wives’ – his actual spouse Celia Walden and his TV partner.

“‘How on earth do you put up with him?’ they both exclaimed, in disturbingly cohesive unison,” Piers recalled.

Piers and Susanna on GMB
Piers with ‘TV wife’ Susanna on GMB (Credit: ITV)

Possibly with a little bit of Prince Charles’ technique, we reckon…

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