piers-morgan and Susanna Reid on GMB (Credit: ITV)

Piers Morgan reveals backstage rows with Susanna Reid

He also spoke about their great chemistry

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid are known for having little tiffs, disagreements and banter on Good Morning Britain.

But Piers, 53, has revealed their on-air bickers continue backstage as he admitted to “goading” Susanna into saying “what she really means about stuff”.

The presenter, who started co-hosting the show with Susanna in 2015, also said his tiffs with his co-star, 47, is like “being married”.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on GMB
Piers said he and Susanna bicker backstage as well as on air (Credit: ITV)

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When asked about what happens backstage, Piers told The Sun: “I’m always trying to goad her into saying what she really means about stuff.”

Piers branded Susanna a “tough cookie” and said if she doesn’t like something he’s done, she tells him “straight away”.

He added: “I like it. There’s no mucking around. We don’t let things simmer. We just spit it out: ‘You were really rude and annoying’, ‘you stop bloody interrupting’. It really is like being married.”

Piers went on to talk about how his and Susanna’s great chemistry on air and their playful antics often make headlines.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)
Piers said Susanna is a “tough cookie” (Credit: ITV)

On his relationship with Susanna, he said: “The chemistry I have with Susanna is really good. [Viewers] see it as a weird on-screen marriage with all the best and worst bits of marriage all woven into one.”

Susanna has previously opened up about her relationship with Piers, admitting she was reluctant to work alongside him at first.

She told the Radio Times in June that she feels in a “constant battle” with Piers on the programme.

The presenter said: “It’s a constant battle for airtime. Sometimes I open my mouth to ask a question and hear Piers’s voice come out – so you can’t help but go into battle with him every morning.

Susanna previously said she feels in a “constant battle” with Piers on the GMB (Credit: Instagram)

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“I know it’s not personal. But there was a time when I took this a lot more seriously, and personally, than I do now.”

Susanna added: “You couldn’t describe Piers as lovable. And I don’t think everybody necessarily wants a double espresso shot into their veins in the morning.

“Some people want a nice cup of tea. And there is absolutely a role for both.”

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