Peter and Emily Andre (Credit: BBC)

Peter Andre hits back at trolls who said he looks old enough to be wife Emily’s dad

The joke is on them

Peter Andre has hit back at trolls after they claimed he looked old enough to be his wife Emily’s dad when they appeared on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Peter, 45, and Emily, 29, were surprised in bed as part of the Midnight Gameshow, but viewers took to Twitter to mock the couple’s age gap.

peter andre emily macdonagh
Peter and Emily were surprised by Michael McIntyre (Credit: BBC)

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One wrote: “I thought Peter Andre was with his daughter not his wife!! She looks about 14 years old!”

While another wrote: “How old is Peter Andre’s wife? She looks about 14!”

A third added: “Is it me or Peter Andre wife look 12 yrs old.” (sic)

Peter was upset about comments about how young his wife Emily looked (Credit: BBC)

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Fuming the reality star took to his column in New! magazine to hit back. He wrote: “I saw some people commented saying she looks 12 years old.

“The joke’s on them, though, because while they might think they’re being cruel, they’re actually paying her a huge compliment.”

He added: “My wife is 30 this year, so how great is it that people think she looks so youthful. When she’s 50 she’s going to look like she’s in her twenties – good on her.”

Emily and Peter Andre Instagram peterandre
Peter and Emily on a night out (Credit: Instagram @peterandre)

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The mum-of-two has also previously had to defend the age difference in their relationship.

She told OK magazine: “Pete and I always joke that I act a few years older and he acts a few years younger so we meet in the middle.”

The doctor, who was in on the prank by Michael McIntyre that saw a film crew entering their bedroom in the middle of the night, was concerned her husband may not react so well to the surprise.

peter andre emily macdonagh
Emily said she was concerned that her husband may have tried out kung fu on Michael McIntyre (Credit: BBC)

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She said: “It was a total surprise to him. I was actually worried he might attack Michael as he’s quite protective.

“He’s into his kung fu so I thought he might spring into action when he was woken up by a load of people.”

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