Olly Murs newbury

Olly Murs suffers stage blunder as he makes return following knee surgery

He's having a tough time with getting hurt

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Olly Murs performed at Newbury Racecourse following knee surgery – and promptly suffered another injury.

The 37-year-old mentor on The Voice UK made an impressive comeback at the venue, just 11 days after his op.

But Olly was left pained after suncream got in his eyes when a member of the audience landed a hit on his face.

Olly Murs newbury
Olly Murs appeared to be wearing a brace on his left knee (Credit: Instagram @OllyMurs)

What happened to cause the injury to Olly Murs?

Olly had already told gig goers he was trying to “take it easy” before the incident yesterday (Saturday August 14).

He later admitted his comeback concert went better than expected, having had to go under the knife after jumping and fragmenting a bone in the back of his knee during a previous performance.

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However, Olly did not get away scot-free from this weekend’s gig, either.

That’s because one overexcited partier hurled a bottle of suncream at him – and hit their mark.

Melanie Sykes boyfriend Olly Murs
Poor Olly was hit with suncream (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Is Olly Murs okay?

Olly was left rubbing his eyes and was reportedly unable to see for a short amount of time.

He said on Instagram after the show: “The suncream was not a good idea half way through the gig.”

My bloody eyes are still stinging.

Olly went on to joke: “What a crowd and thanks for the sun cream.

“My bloody eyes are still stinging.”

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What did Olly make of his comeback gig?

Olly was clearly pleased to have made it through unscathed, suncream-to-the-eyes aside.

He reflected: “The gig was amazing. To be honest with you, it felt better than I thought. I was trying to be a bit cautious on stage.”

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Earlier this month, the former X Factor singer admitted he had ‘feared the worst’ after he was forced to limp through the rest of his performance.

“I thought I had ruptured my ACL [a ligament that stabilises the knee joint],” Olly told fans.

Nonetheless, Olly decided to press on with surgery – despite having less than two weeks to recover – in order to fulfil a series of gigs.

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