Nick Knowles opens up about needing counselling after tragic past

The TV presenter has revealed his dark times

Nick Knowles has revealed that he had to have counselling after his marriage fell apart.

The DIY SOS star said he went through some really dark times after splitting up with his wife Jessica Moor after eight years together.

They did remain close, however, and he supported her while she was battling cervical cancer when she was diagnosed last summer.

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Jessica had also suffered a miscarriage during their marriage, which Nick found very hard.

Nick, 54, is now doing his bit to tackle mental health issues for the BBC series Mind Over Marathon.

Revealing his struggles to the Daily Mirror, the TV star said: “I think everyone needs support. It is hard to go through traumatic difficulties without needing it.

“I did really go through it emotionally last year. My wife Jess was really, really unwell. She suffered some really traumatic experiences last year and we were already going through difficulties in our marriage anyway so all of those things are hugely difficult, but I always had people to talk to, people who are close to me.”

Luckily, Nick was able to find help a lot closer to home. “When I actually come under extreme stress or difficulty, I spend time with my older brother John who has had some counselling training”, he said.

“So any time that I have been in super-stressful situations, I’ll go and be with him and he’s very intuitive and knows how I am feeling.”

Nick and Jessica married in 2012, but separated at the end of 2015. Their split was a messy one, as Nick had a fling with former Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten following the split. They also share a two-year-old son together, called Edwin.

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After Jessica’s cancer scare, Nick did all that he could to help. Last November, they even tried to give their marriage another shot, but it fizzled out after a short while.

Jessica recently told The Sun that she will always have feelings for Nick. “You can’t spend eight years together and have no feelings. I wish Nick happiness, health and success. But no, we won’t be getting back together, although I’ll miss his cooking.

“He is such a good cook!”

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