Loose Women’s Nadia and Kaye wet themselves in bizarre trampoline challenge

Why? Beats us!

If you thought young telly wannabes would do anything to grab headlines, feast your eyes on this.

Even slightly longer-in-the-tooth stars will do anything to have a video go viral.

This weekend, Loose Women Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams took part in a rather unusual challenge to find out who would wet themselves first.

Women of a certain age… pelvic floors…

Nadia Sawalha took on her Loose Woman mate Kaye Adams in a rather odd challenge (Credit: Facebook)

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In a clip posted on Facebook, the girls wanted to put their bladders and pelvic floor muscles to the test in a bizarre challenge called Nadia & Kaye’s Weak-I-Leaks scandal.

Shot like a Rocky movie, the two girls piled out into the garden to take each other on to see who could wet themselves first (Credit: Facebook)

Shot like a scene from the Rocky films, the footage kicks off with the text “IT WAS THE MOST HOTLY CONTESTED EVENT OF THE YEAR… Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams go head to head and pelvic floor to pelvic floor – as they drink water – and put their pelvic floors to the ultimate challenge of bouncing three rounds on a trampoline! She who LEAKS LEAVES!”

Then we see both women hopping enthusiastically through some sliding patio doors wearing boxer-style white robes, as they prepare for their face-off.

As the women perform some ‘warm up’ rituals, viewers are informed on screen that Nadia, 52, has had two natural births and that Kaye, 54, has had two caesareans.

Kaye downed a glass of water to test herself (Credit: Facebook)

Then, the pair square up to each other and, looking each other in the eye, they speedily down a large glass of water each.

As Nadia downed her water, Kaye told her “I Can see you trembling” (Credit: Facebook)

Before they climb on to the trampoline, Kaye tries to psyche out her rival by saying: “I can see you trembling already.”

But Nadia is defiant and replies: “My pelvic floor has so much more, so much to give.”

On the sidelines are Kaye’s daughter Bonnie and Nadia’s daughter Kiki who are seen spurring on their mums by shouting words of encouragement at them.

Bonnie tells her mum she needs to “work hard for us, come on!” to which Kaye replies, “OK Bonnie, you’re the reason I’m in this place in the first place.”

After the first round Nadia was the first to concede and and had to dash off to the loo (Credit: Facebook)

Meanwhile Nadia’s daughter gives her a slap across the face to prepare her for the challenge ahead, assuring her “You can do this”.

Geed-up Nadia tells her, “OK I’m doing this for you, I’m doing this for all the women in our family.”

Once aboard the trampoline and the girls start jumping; it’s not long before Nadia breaks and announces: “I’ve gone, I’ve gone.”

When round two is underway, Nadia says: “I’m trusting you’re going to be honest Adams, I was honest with that last leak” to which Kaye replies with a smile: “I’m as dry as a bone”.

However, she speaks too soon as she is the next one to toddle off to relieve herself.

In the second round Kaye couldn’t contain herself anymore (Credit: Facebook)

In the all important decider third round, the girls bounce away and Nadia criticises Kaye’s style of jumping:  “I don’t think you’re allowed to jump with your legs crossed”

Kaye suggests they star jump, and eventually Nadia gives in for a second time, making Kaye the winner.

Round three, Nadia was forced to dash off to the loo, making Kaye the winner (Credit: Facebook)

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Nadia then unceremoniously hurries off to the toilet…..