MIC star Jamie Laing reveals he is suffering from incurable medical condition

He's described it as horrible and depressing

Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing has opened up about suffering from the incurable medical condition Tinnitus.

The reality star revealed his frustration of having the condition in a eight-minute video on his YouTube account – Jamie Laing’s Happy Hour.

Tinnitus is a condition which is a constant ringing in a person’s ears.

Jamie spoke about the “awful” condition (Credit: YouTube)

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Speaking to his 66K subscribers Jamie said: “Mine affects both ears so I hear it all the time.

“In the first four to six months it was pretty depressing, upsetting and horrible.

“I would lie on the ground and get my friend to put these wax things in my ears because I was so sure there was something wrong with my ears.

“I went to all sorts of doctors and they all said it was Tinnitus and I have it for life.”

He begged fans to protect their ears (Credit: YouTube)

He continued: “The first thing I want to say to you guys is please please please protect your ears.

“Go buy earplugs. It’s so important.”

The star went on to explain: “Now to all of you who actually have Tinnitus I know how you feel.

“It’s awful. When you’re anxious or depressed it only heightens it.

“But it gets better. Your body is an amazing instrument. It is torturous when it first begins but I wanted to share this with you because when I had it I didn’t know anyone else who had it.”

Fans rushed to support the star with one commenting: “Stay strong buddy.”

Fans praised the star for opening up about the condition (Credit: YouTube)

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“Thank you for uploading this!! I also have tinnitus,” another said.

A third wrote: “Great video! well done Jamie!”

Meanwhile posho Jamie revealed he’s swapping Made In Chelsea for Hollyoaks.

Well not quite a major actor just an extra in the background of one scene in the soap as a doctor!

Jamie has swapped MIC for a cameo in Hollyoaks (Credit: Instagram)

Jamie was spotted on the set back in March fuelling rumours he could have landed a role in the soap.

Speaking about the stint Jamie said: “I am actually going to be in Hollyoaks in the background!

“I’m excited and nervous, all the emotions in one right now.”