Mark Wright says marriage will work despite months of separation

The reality star spoke on Lorraine today

Mark Wright appeared on Lorraine today and opened up about his wife, Michelle Keegan, working away for several months.

The former TOWIE star revealed that the two are due to celebrate their second wedding anniversary next month.

But with actress Michelle filming all across the world, for her upcoming role in BBC’s Our Girl, for the next seven months Mark revealed he would be “going back and forth” to see her.

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Stand-in host Christine Bleakly said: “It’s your second wedding anniversary coming up. Any plans?”

To which Mark, 30, replied: “Michelle actually goes away very shortly for a few months.

“But I’ll be going back and forward when I can fit it in with work.”

And the star insisted they were determined to “make it work”.

He said: “She’ll be travelling Nepal, South Africa and Malaysia.

“It is difficult, the drama she does, it takes ages to shoot an episode that’s why she has to be there for so long but we can make it work.”

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The couple have faced scrutiny over their relationship with some claiming their marriage was on the rocks.

But former Coronation Street star Michelle was quick to slam the rumours.

She told TV Life magazine: “Are the rumours rubbish? Yeah. We are all very good and everything is fine. Our marriage is going really well.

“We’re happy. I don’t want to constantly say ‘we’re happy, we’re fine’, because why validate it? If we’re happy, we’re happy.”

Mark also spoke on Lorraine about hosting Take Me Out: The Gossip which is set to make a comeback this weekend.

Speaking about the drama-filled show he said: “There’s tears – from boys and girls, loads of love matches.

“You can’t keep up with it!”

The TV star added: “But when you’re there and part of it, you forget it’s a job.”