Mare of Easttown episode six theories suggest Richard Ryan could still be a suspect

Mare of Easttown episode six: Richard Ryan is key suspect, say viewers

Is John? Is it Billy? Is it Ryan? Is it Richard?

Mare of Easttown is providing plenty of fan theories after episode six, which saw detective Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) edging ever closer to finding out who killed teen Erin McMenamin.

The list of suspects had narrowed at the end of the episode, with all attention on Billy and John Ross.

However, viewers are convinced this isn’t the end.

They think writer Richard Ryan (Guy Pearce) is one to watch.

Mare of Easttown theories suggest Billy did not kill Erin
Did Billy really kill Erin? (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

What are the Mare of Easttown theories after episode six?

In last night’s episode (Monday May 24), Mare found out from her best friend Lori that Billy had confessed to Erin’s murder.

His brother John (Lori’s wife) had decided that before he turn himself in they go for one last fishing trip together.

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With Mare speeding towards the river to confront them both, it seems the brothers are deeply connected to the case.

But which one?

However, viewers were convinced that Billy and John are red herrings in the story and came up with a new theory.

What is the theory about Richard?

Writer Richard popped up out of nowhere in episode six, and viewers think there’s something going on with him.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Richard is gonna be pivotal in the finale.

“I think he deliberately sought out Mare to get close to her because she is THE detective. The ol’ ‘Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer’.

Mare of Easttown theories suggest Richard Ryan could still be a suspect
Viewers think Richard is a suspect (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

“Keep your detective radar up around Richard, Mare.”

Another said: “Richard is sus. Whole time Mare was off the case he was MIA.

“Now she back on he popping back up?”

A third tweeted: “And I’m still not ruling out Richard.”

What about other theories?

The Ross family also came under scrutiny from viewers.

We know that something bad happened during the Ross family reunion, and Erin was close to her cousins John and Billy.

Mare of Easttown theories suggest Richard Ryan could still be a suspect
What happened in the Ross family? (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

However, viewers speculated that Lori and John’s young teenage son, Ryan, killed Erin.

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One viewer said on Twitter: “Ok rewatched some of Mare of Easttown and officially think Ryan killed Erin, Billy helped clean it up, John is going to try to kill Billy to keep it a secret, and Lori truly doesn’t know the truth of it.”

The final episode of Mare of Easttown is on Sky Atlantic next Monday (May 31) at 9pm 

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