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Loose Women: Viewers upset as panellists complain of missing their friends

They argued there are thousands of very lonely people in lockdown

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Loose Women viewers have called out the panellists of being insensitive on Wednesday’s episode.

Many were left irritated when the Loose Women complained about missing friends during lockdown.

Some viewers argued that at least they are able to chat to one another on the show.

Meanwhile thousands of Brits will have hardly spoken to anyone for months due to strict COVID-19 restrictions.

loose women friends
The Loose Women panel were rather deflated on Wednesday (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women stars say they miss their friends and family

Kaye Adams kicked off the episode by asking her panellists how they felt since Boris Johnson’s announcement.

They played a video of Joe Wicks saying the announcement was negatively affecting his mental health.

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Janet Street Porter said it had left a ‘black cloud’ hanging over her head.

She added: “I feel quite emotional by the fact that I haven’t been able to see my girlfriends.

janet street porter lockdown
Janet Street Porter says she wants to see more of her mates (Credit: ITV)

Janet complained even though she regularly sees her friends

“Some of them live outside London. Most of my friends are single people.

“There’s been lots of focus on the elderly and vulnerable – but let’s not forget between two and a half and three million people who live alone in this country aged between 45 and 65 – they can’t make plans.”

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She went on to say she was still meeting with friends.

Janet continued: “I manage to see friends once or twice a week. Closing the restaurants at 10 o’clock will do nothing but bankrupt more businesses.”

linda robson
Linda Robson says she doesn’t understand the new lockdown rules (Credit: ITV)

Brenda is trying to stay positive

Linda Robson said she’s worried if she could still pick her grandchildren up from school and what Christmas would be like this year.

Brenda Edwards said she was trying to stay positive, but agreed that Christmas would be very different this year.

But viewers flocked to Twitter to share their disapproval of the ladies complaints.

brenda edwards loose women
Brenda Edwards says she’s anticipating lockdown to last til March 2021 (Credit: ITV)

One unhappy viewer tweeted: “Nothing more annoying than the panel moaning they can’t see people when they are currently on a panel with their ‘friends’.

“Try living in the real world where you’ve lost your job and trying to make ends meet #LooseWomen.”

Another disgruntled viewer shared: “@loosewomen disgusting that the #loosewomen are trying to make out this is tough for them when they get to go out and chat with their mates on TV AND get paid for it. Millions have zero income and zero human interaction right now.”

A third user argued: “#LooseWomen Celebs need to stop constantly saying this is awful, this is all doom, this is the end of everything. Get some positivity people. Yes its hard, yes it’s getting old but we are alive, we have a future, there will be an end.”

And a further user remarked: “Janet lives on her own… moans she can’t see anyone… oh she’s on TV seeing loads of people.”

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