Saira Khan Loose Women

Loose Women host Saira Khan poses in lingerie for honest social media video

Saira told fans her stomach is 'not flat'

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Loose Women star Saira Khan has received praise from fans and celebrity pals after posing in lingerie for an honest social media post.

The daytime TV presenter, 50, shared a clip of herself in her underwear and admitted she ‘loves food’ while showing how her stomach looked when tensed and relaxed.

Saira Khan Loose Women
Saira Khan told followers her stomach is ‘not flat’ as she posed in lingerie (Credit:

What did Loose Women host Saira Khan share on Instagram?

Saira posted a clip for her Instagram followers and wrote alongside it: “We inhale and exhale, our tummy goes in and it comes out. That’s how we breathe, that’s how we stay alive.

“My tummy is not flat. It is rounded and when I eat, it gets full and gets rounder still. This is totally and utterly normal. If I did not eat, my tummy would be flat.

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“I love my food, I need it to survive and for my brain, cells, organs, muscles etc to function properly, and for my hair, skin and nails to look and feel healthy.”

Saira Khan admits she’s ‘a bit of a poser’

Writing further, Saira confessed that she will hold her stomach in while posing to make it look more toned.

She explained: “If I am posing – which I do a lot, because I’m a bit of a poser – I hold my tummy in, to give me a more toned look and shape.

My tummy is not flat. It is rounded and when I eat, it gets full and gets rounder still.

“Also engaging your abs, that’s sucking your tummy in, is a great thing to do to tone your muscles to gain strength in your core, which as we get older, we need for mobility, flexibility and range of movement.

“Holding your tummy in when walking the dog, cooking, doing the school run, or even when shopping is a fab way to connect with that core and feel strong.”

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The Loose Women host went on to encourage her followers to try engaging their own cores – and warned them not to compare themselves to others.

She added: “Looking at someone else’s core and comparing it to yours, is an exercise that is pointless. Look, admire respect and then work yours. Engage, feel and love your core today.”

Followers praised the Loose Women star (Credit: ITV)

What did Saira Khan’s followers say?

Her followers heaped praise on her in the comments. Her fellow Loose Women host Andrea McLean wrote: “Love you, Saira. What a great, honest post x.”

One of Saira’s fans said: “Looking fabulous, lovely.”

Another commented: “You do look amazing and inspire me every day.”

Someone else wrote with a fire emoji: “Gorgeous!”

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