Lee Ryan has big news for EastEnders fans

Viewers saw Woody leave the Square - but will he ever come back?

Fans were devastated last week when it looked like Lee Ryan’s Woody Woodward was headed out of Albert Square for good.

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But there’s good news – we could have him back in our lives later this summer.

It turns out that Lee has proved to be such a big hit with viewers that producers have decided to make him regular fixture on the show.

Last week, viewers saw Mick stumble across Woody in bed with Whitney, resulting in a rather nasty punch up.

Mick then kicked the temporary bar manager out of the pub and sent him on his way.

This was set to be the last time viewers would see Woody, as he had only been brought into the show while Danny Dyer was taking some time out to sort his real life out.

Now Lee has been negotiating a deal with EastEnders producers which will see him back in the Square for at least a year.

And good news – we won’t have long to wait to see Lee back in our lives, as he will resume filming next month.

“I am delighted that EastEnders have asked me to come back,” an excited Lee has revealed.

“It was a dream come true when I landed the role so I am thrilled that this has now turned into something much bigger.

“It has been a surreal experience walking down the road and having people shouting ‘Woody’ at me but I cannot wait to get back in the Square to see what trouble he will cause this time round.”

Show runner Sean O’Connor says he is very excited about managing to woo Ryan back to the soap.

“I knew from the moment Lee auditioned that he would be perfect for EastEnders and we are all thrilled that the audience fell in love with Woody as much as we did,” he said.

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“Lee’s return later this year will undoubtedly cause a stir.”

He may have only been in Albert Square a short time, but Woody still managed to ruffle quite a few feathers, getting caught up in several Carter family dramas and managing to bed both Tina and Whitney!

Who knows what we can expect when he gets back!

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