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Saturday 8th August 2020

Kimmy K is back! The star returns to social media after a month off

The reality star posted three updates on Facebook

Kim Kardashian has returned to social media after nearly one month after her horrendous ordeal in Paris.

The reality star, who has been silent on social media since October 2, broke her silence online on Tuesday morning.

Kim, 36, posted three Facebook updates but weren't her usual style.

In the first update, she is seen relaxing on a photoshoot for smartphone case brand LuMee.

The reality star wrote: “Downtime #LumeeCollab.”

Kim loves the case. She has previously said: "The secret to a good selfie is definitely lighting. I love my LuMee case! It has front-facing lights that light you up anywhere you are, especially in dark places.”

Soon after, she shared more posts to her 29 million fans on Facebook, but it looked like they were from other people.

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A link to a Halloween hacks blog was posted by what seems like her assistant Steph.

Another adorable throwback video was also uploaded by sister Kourtney Kardashian.

Fans went pretty crazy with the interaction.

One said: "I’m sure Kim doesn’t post herself on this page. However I want to tell her that I miss her. Don’t let them win, keep doing what you do best."

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Another added: "Miss ur post Kim hope all is well with yu after the ordeal u have been thru."

One wrote: "I'm sure Kim doesn't post herself on this page. However I want to tell her that I miss her. Don't let them win, keep doing what you do best"

Aw, they're definitely being very supportive.

Shockingly, it has been reported by People magazine how Kim could lose up to £800,000 a month while being inactive.

Wow, that's A LOT of money.

Financial adviser Samuel Rad said: “[Kim’s] overall brand is generating at least $1 million a month just through general posts, not including anything that’s specifically being contracted with companies.

“[But] I think what’s going to happen is the first post she’s going to put up after not having posted for [a while], it’s going to get so many more followers and hits.

“I think that it might actually end up helping her. Especially if Kim positions [her return to social media] correctly … I think it could be a really big moneymaker for her brand.”

Somehow, we don't think money will ever be worry for the star!