carl woods and katie price

Katie Price and Carl Woods launch joint Instagram account for their pets

The news comes just months after daughter Princess' puppy Rolo tragically died

Katie Price and Carl Woods now have a joint Instagram account for their pets.

The couple, who have been dating for about six months, already have a joint Instagram account for themselves and a joint YouTube account.

Their new account features Carl’s small rescue dog Sid, Katie’s protection dog Blade and Katie’s hairless cat Hagrid.

They describe the account as: “We decided to make our animals an Instagram account.”

katie price and carl woods
Katie and Carl are sharing snaps of their pets with the world (Credit: YouTube)

How many pets do Katie Price and Carl Woods have?

Carl says he rescued his dog from Romania, while Katie purchased her dog from a top dog protection service.

Hagrid is a Sphinx cat and described as ‘so funny and friendly.’

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Unfortunately, Katie has been hit with serious bad luck when it comes to pets in recent years.

Two of her pet horses have died due to escaping and being run over.

carl woods pet dog called sid
Carl Wood’s dog Sid regularly features in his YouTube videos (Credit: YouTube)

What happened to Katie’s horses?

One of her pet horses got loose in 2014 and was hit by a car and killed, and then in 2017 another horse suffered the same fate.

Meanwhile last year her pet dog Queenie suffered a similar fate after she was run over by a delivery driver.

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And just this year, another dog, Sparkle, was also run over and killed after escaping Katie’s ‘Mucky Mansion’ home.

Katie’s daughter Princess was said to be devastated by the loss of Sparkle.

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And in response Katie treated her to a designer puppy for her 13th birthday.

The mum and daughter filmed themselves picking up the pup on YouTube and Princess seemed absolutely delighted.

She went on to share further videos of her doting on the French bulldog puppy.

However, within weeks of buying Rolo, he was dead.

Katie said that the puppy died after suffocating under an electric chair.

Addressing her YouTube fans at the time, Katie explained: “So I know the fans are asking what’s happened to the dog.

“Basically I was in the other room because we’re going on holiday, packing their suitcases, and there was five people in the other room, so people saying the puppy was left, it wasn’t left at all.

“And it just got stuck under one of the chairs.”

She then insisted that the tragic accident was no one’s fault.

Adding: “It absolutely wasn’t anybody’s fault, it was an absolute freak accident. I still can’t believe it, I’m still in shock.”

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