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Katie Price and Carl Woods divide fans as they unveil arm tattoos of each other’s faces

Four months in and they have matching tats!

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Katie Price and Carl Woods have revealed their matching face tattoos.

The loved up couple now have one another’s face on their arms.

Katie, 42, and Carl, 31, took to social media to make the huge reveal.

Taking to their joint YouTube channel, they showed off their new inks.

The former model even said it proves that they will be together ‘forever’.

carl woods katie price tattoos
Carl and Katie were ecstatic to get matching tattoos (Credit: YouTube)

Did Katie and Carl really get matching tattoos?

Katie said: “Can you believe that? That is us, sitting there.”

Carl replied: “Mine is bigger than yours … I might get the hair done in colour. Now we’ve got matching cars, matching plates … and matching tattoos.”

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Katie later brought up marriage. She asked him if he’d like to be her fourth husband.

She asked: “Do you really want me to be Mrs Woods?”

To which Carl enthusiastically replied: “Yeah!”

katie price carl woods social media
Carl said he wants to make Katie his wife (Credit: YouTube)

Is Katie getting more tattoos?

What’s more, she said she wants to extend her tattoo tribute to Carl even further.

She wants a Hollywood style tattoo that says ‘PriceyWood’ in honour of both of their last names.

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She explained: “I decided, I haven’t finished it yet. I may as well have a whole sleeve done of the kids, me, and Carl.

“So here I’ve had Kate and Carl, I’ve got a bracelet there with all the kids, bangles, and here Pricey Woods.

“And above I’m going to do Priceywood like the Hollywood sign.

katie price tattoos faces
They’ve got his and hers veneers – and now face tats! (Credit: YouTube)

What did Katie’s fans think of her new ink?

“So I have had more pain.. I haven’t finished it yet – they’ve got to colour it all.”

However, not all of her fans are convinced their face tattoos are a good idea.

One user warned that she’s already had several of her exes tattooed on her arm.

The user wrote: “Not a wise idea. She has had tattoos of Pete’s name and the date she met Leandro and look what happened there! This time the tattoo is even more noticeable, yet she has been with Carl less time.”

And others users commented that they didn’t think the tattoos bared much resemblance.

katie price carl woods
The pair got matching vehicle wraps too (Credit: YouTube)

When did Katie and Carl start dating?

One user argued: “PS: Katie, seriously, that shop should get closed down, that are the worst tattoos ever! That tattoo doesn’t look like you at all.”

And a second user claimed: “The tattoos are terrible. Doesn’t even look like them.”

But some defended the pair.

One user even argued: “So many negative comments. It’s so nice to see you happy Kate, I look forward to seeing you two make a future together.”

Whereas another simply commented: “Love the matching wheels & Tatts.”

katie price carl woods teeth
They previously travelled to Turkey to get ‘his and hers’ teeth veneers (Credit: YouTube)

The couple are believed to have met in June of this year – during lockdown.

Set up by mutual friends, they have been an item ever since.

They’ve got joint YouTube and Instagram accounts – and even got matching veneers in Turkey.

Carl has dutifully cared for Katie since she broke both of her feet on their first holiday abroad.

In the tattoo YouTube reveal he even carries her across a car showroom.

He shows off their matching vehicle wraps.

His Mercedes has been wrapped in lime green – with a number plate of his last name.

Meanwhile, Katie’s mobility scooter is wrapped in the same colour – with his last name as well as he initials.

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