Jump star dumps cheating boyfriend and finds Mr Right

She found her new man in the gym!

Everyone loves Josie Gibson from The Jump, don’t they?

And why wouldn’t they?

She’s fun, she’s sweet and she’s got that funny Bristol accent that is just so cute.

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Now we all know that her Big Brother romance with John James all those years ago sadly never worked out, so all we’ve ever wanted was for her to find her ever after.

And it looks like she finally might have.

Well, just maybe, as it’s still early days.

Speaking this week, Josie has revealed that after leaving a dodgy boyfriend a week or so ago she thinks she may have found the one.

The news comes as she launches her very own dating show called Getting Jiggy With Josie.

What a coincidence, right?

She says that even though she has had her heartbroken over the years, she reckons the fella she’s just met is “amazing”.

“I’ve just split up from somebody because he was a skank and was selling stories to the press, and he was a loser,” the lithe reality star told the Mirror.

“I was always helping him out and stuff, and he was selling stories behind my back while seeing someone else.

“But then I went up the gym and I met somebody else within a week, and I actually think he’s the one.

“He’s amazing. His name’s Sam. He’s an engineer.

“I’ve been seeing him for a couple of weeks. It’s just meant to be.”

Josie’s new six-part dating show looks set to be a hoot. Unlike other dating shows, the contestants are blindfolded while answering questions and performing awkward tasks, like massaging each other and sucking each others’ toes.

So it’s nothing like Blind Date then! No! Josie is adamant about that!

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“It’s a totally different show from Blind Date,” she said. “It’s really awkward and really funny.

“On Blind Date, they’re just asking questions.

“On Getting Jiggy With Josie, they dance together blindfolded, they give massages blindfolded.

“It’s really funny.”

You can catch Getting Jiggy With Josie on Made Television from Friday 21st April at 8pm.

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