Jeremy Kyle viewers beg show to help guests get their teeth fixed

The programme has helped others with dental repairs...

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Jeremy Kyle Show viewers were pretty shocked after watching two of the guests on the show.

They begged the show to sort them out with dental care after Wednesday’s show.

A woman called Destiny was on the programme to get her son Anthony’s ex-girlfriend Amy to take a pregnancy test proving that she’s having her grandchild.

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This is all despite not wanting anything to do with her…

So then she claimed that Amy had been rubbing her bum up against men in the local pub (naughty, naughty), as well as telling the audience she was giving oral sex for money.


Although viewers weren’t really interested in that at all. They had their eyes on Destiny and Amy’s teeth, or lack of.

“That girls teeth are horrible…”, said on viewer.

Another seemed a little confused: “I can’t understand why all these people have missing teeth? I don’t know a single person who looks like that?”

Another asked: “Jesus Christ!! The teeth on #JeremyKyle today!! Do these people not own toothbrushes or see a dentist?! @itvjeremykyle.”

And a third agreed: “The #milliondollarquestion – why do all the #guests on @TheJeremyKyle_ #jeremykyle show need urgent dental treatment #teeth??”

What’s more, Destiny’s teeth were that bad, that she couldn’t even say that word “manipulates”.

Jeremy’s face was a treat!

Amy said that she definitely wasn’t up the duff because she had never had sex with Anthony. She added that “he couldn’t get it up”.

Ant’s mum insisted that it cannot be true and that he can in fact “get it up” as he has children!

This is too much…

At the end of the show, Amy eventually admitted that she’d slept with him, just once since they’d been together and funnily enough, the pregnancy test came back negative.

Remember this woman?

Gemma Swift was dubbed ‘tooth lady’ when she first appeared on the show on account of her extraordinarily deformed gnashers.

She later returned to the programme to reveal her new set of £10,000 teeth. And the studio audience was enthralled by her transformation.

Jeremy explained how the show wanted to help Gemma by providing her with new dentures after she was cruelly ridiculed on Twitter.

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Gemma told Jeremy that she could hold her head up high walking down the street: “I’m a whole different person. It has changed my life.

“I can look in the mirror again and not worry about anything.”

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