Jeremy Kyle guest accuses girlfriend of cheating while out fishing

Jezza couldn't help but talk about his "rod" and "tackle"

Jeremy Kyle was full of fishing puns on Monday morning after a guest accused his girlfriend of cheating on him while he was night fishing.

Dean thought that his partner Kayleigh was sleeping with other men during the same time he was out catching their dinner.

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Of course, Jezza was in his element and before the couple had even come out, he said: “I don’t even want to talk about his rod or tackle.”

We see what you did there…

Kayleigh denied all of his accusations. She said that she didn’t even think he was going fishing, because he hadn’t caught a fish in over six years.

Dean also said that he came back from one of his fishing sessions to find a man in a grey tracksuit escaping out of a window in their house.

But! And there’s a big but… Dean failed every single lie detector test. Guess who was found out to be the real cheat?

You guessed it. Dean.

Poor Kayleigh was heartbroken, and broke down in tears after the truth finally came out.

Jeremy was clearly angry, and said: “You knew didn’t you? Too tired from fishing… You need to admit the truth!”

Viewers at home couldn’t help but see the hilarity in their situation.

One witty Twitter user wrote: “So she didn’t con him hook, line and sinker whilst he was off casting his line in new waters???”

Another said: “Hmmm, seems like it’s not just fish that’s been having a nibble at his rod…”

One user said that it was no surprise he’d been cheating as you need a bit of action to stay awake while fishing!

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Um, he certainly wasn’t fishing at all…

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