Jasmine Waltz enrages CBB viewers after ‘feeling up’ Calum Best

Some found it very uncomfortable to watch

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Viewers of Celebrity Big Brother are outraged after watching Jasmine Waltz touch Calum Best inappropriately.

In Thursday’s episode of CBB, model Jasmine was obviously feeling a bit frisky and took it too far with Mr Best.

Jasmine, 34, grabbed his crotch a number of times before getting into bed with him.

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Firstly, she went into the garden and did it in front of their other housemates, and then again when he was doing some washing up in the kitchen.

What was she thinking?

She stood back-to-back with him and slipped her hands down to his crotch and gave it a good ol’ squeeze.

Calum, 35, laughed nervously and actually looked quite uncomfortable.

Fans felt the need to share their disgust with Jasmine.

One said: “@jazzywaltz is so trashy!! So uncomfortable watching her throw herself at calum. No morals at all! #bbuk”

There were also quite a few Twitter users that said how she sexually harassed Calum.

“… that was some sexual harassment to @CalumBest I didn’t like watching it. In end of day, the @planetjedward are ones who want air time,” said another.

“Calum Best didnt look too happy about Jasmine touchy feely his #sausages and bacon. #cbbuk” [sic]

Another just couldn’t control her shock and hilariously used the aubergine emoji…

One called her a ‘slut’ and inferred that she had no class.

There were some viewers that commented on how if it was the other way round, the guy would have been kicked out.

A few stuck up for Jasmine though.

A fan account of the American beauty said: “@jazzywaltz has known @CalumBest for years, shes comfortable with him, he knows what jasmine is like, yall just like to judge so much…

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This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

Remember in 2015 when Jeremy Jackson opened Chloe Goodman’s dressing gown to reveal her boob?

The Baywatch actor was then removed from the show!

So was Ken Morley when he kept commenting on women’s bums and using offensive language.

Do you think Jasmine should be penalised?

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