Janet Street-Porter called a “sociopath” after shocking admission

The honest Loose Women star ruffled a few feathers!

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Janet Street-Porter has been labelled a “sociopath” after the way she spoke about her ex-lover.

Anne Diamond was sat on the Loose Women panel during Wednesday’s show, and the ladies were discussing their past loves.

Anne revealed a heartbreaking time with an ex who walked out on her with no explanation whatsoever.

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Despite it happening decades ago, the journalist said she still hasn’t fully recovered from it.

Recalling the moment it happened, Anne said her ex was on the phone “deep in conversation for quite a while”, suddenly put the phone down, told her he “couldn’t do this anymore”, and left.

She added: “I should have thrown a tantrum and he never got in touch to say why!”

While fellow panellists Christine Lampard and Stacey Solomon were shocked and saddened by the story, Janet seemed to have no sympathy for Anne’s past situation.

“Just take that bloke, scrunch him up and toss him out the window!”, the sassy star said.

Shortly after, the 70-year-old added: “You’re thinking about it like lego bricks, he saw it as tiny matchsticks”.

Then came a story of one of her past experiences.

Confirming that Anne and Janet were chalk and cheese, the red-head said: “I was going out with one guy, and he went off on tour, and then I met another guy at a party, and I just thought, ‘Do you know what? This guy’s really got a lot going for him’, so I just moved in with him while my boyfriend was off on tour.”

Viewers were shocked with her honesty and Twitter users shared their disgust at Janet’s reaction. One wrote: “Janet is beginning to sound like a sociapath ! [sic]”

Janet continued her story: “And then when this guy came back from tour, I never really offered an explanation, and I lived with this guy for three or four months, met his ex-wife, really liked her, met his kids, still friends with his kids actually, and then one day I woke up and just thought it had run its course!”

Twitter users were not happy. “Why does Janet think it’s funny to treat people in such a disgraceful way? #loosewomen”, said one.

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Another seemed to think Janet was “proud of being a horrible person”.

Oh dear!

Let’s hope tomorrow’s show is a little less drama-free. Who are we kidding? We love her!