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‘Inspirational’ Gemma Oaten reveals she had miscarriage and fertility issues after battling eating disorder

We're in awe of her honesty and desire to help others

In the latest Gemma Oaten news, the star has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage and fertility issues after battling an eating disorder.

The 37-year-old former Emmerdale and Holby City actress had anorexia for 13 years and has always been honest about her condition.

Now she has once again courageously opened up about her issues and vowed to help others.

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What is the latest Gemma Oaten news?

In a lengthy video on Instagram, Gemma documented her issues with fertility.

She explained that eating disorders can have a harmful effect on the reproductive organs, even after recovery.

Gemma revealed that she recently visited a fertility clinic to get her eggs frozen because she’s always wanted to be a mum. However, after inspection, she was told she didn’t have many there.

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“Three weeks ago I went to a Fertility clinic to look at the prospect of having children, freezing my eggs… facing up to my fears,” she captioned the video.

“Having had a miscarriage three years ago, something I’ve never spoken about until now, and also being a single 37 year old, it’s was time to be brave.

“So here I am, heart exposed and arms wide open, saying ‘here I am!’ and if it helps one person, it’s worth it.”

Gemma Oaten news
Gemma courageously opened up about her fertility issues (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

Important for people to know the risks

She continued: “One of the long term effects of an eating disorder is that on fertility.

“For men and for women. It’s so important people know the risks, understand more. Not to scaremonger, but to be aware.

“And if, like me, this is going to be a challenge, I’m posting this so you know you’re not alone.

“I’m posting this for anyone who is at the early stages of an eating disorder to implore them to reach out, to those who are ED free to never go down this path, to those who have lost the chance to give birth, to feel hope, to those like me, who never dreamed this would be a reality, to know, we’ve got this.

“I’m posting this for anyone who has struggled with conception to know, as I do now, you can be a parent NO MATTER WHAT.”

gemma oaten in Holby city
Gemma in her Holby City days (Credit: BBC)

How did Gemma’s fans react?

After reading and listening to Gemma talk, her fans rushed to send messages of support.

“You are such a strong and incredible human,” one said.

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Another wrote: “Brilliantly and beautifully put, Gems.”

A third commented: “Thank you for being so inspirational and genuine Gemma!”

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