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I’m A Celebrity viewers accuse trial of being “fake”

Sair got all ten stars but some fans were not impressed

There are times the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestants seem to be in genuine danger during the Bushtucker trials. And there are times when they, er, definitely do not.

Viewers were bemused on Saturday night’s show, when they watched Sair Khan endure “The Sickening Sewer”, where she came face-to-face with a crocodile. But unimpressed fans moaned that the danger was “fake”, as he had his mouth taped shut…

sair khan i'm a celeb
Sair was keen to take on a trial (credit: ITV)

Ahead of the challenge, the campmates pulled straws to see who would go, with the 30-year-old actress getting the short straw and heading off to meet presenters Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly.

They sent her into the sewer where she had to enter a series of tunnels full of various creatures to grab stars.

But the controversy started when she got to the sixth cave, where a croc ominously waited.

sair khan i'm a celeb
She had to step over a croc (credit: ITV)

“Don’t mind me,” the TV star said, stepping over him.

Those at home were less than impressed though, when they noticed he had been somewhat neutered.

One moaned: “#ImACeleb a Crocodile in with Sair with its mouth taped shut 🙄something not right with the mud crabs claws either 🤔.”

i'm a celeb
He was safely strapped up (credit: ITV)

Another said: “Could ya leave the crocodiles mouth un tied next time?”

A third added: “The world has enough people facing real challenges without manufacturing ridiculous fake ones.” While a fourth laughed at Holly’s warnings, writing: “Sair doesn’t have to be careful, the Croc mouth is taped up, lol #ImACeleb.”

Some also worried it wasn’t fair on the animal, tweeting: “#imacelebrity poor crocodile with his mouth taped shut, how is that not animal cruelty?! @ITV.”

sair khan i'm a celeb
The Corrie star cringed over the sewer challenge (credit: ITV)

A few others laughed off the complaints, writing: “They’ve always taped the [bleepy] mouths shut! The shows been going for ages & people just noticed? Seriously think they’re putting celebs in with untaped crocs? 😂🤣✋#ImACeleb 🐊.”

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The I’m A Celeb Instagram account praised the contestant, who won the full ten stars, writing that the Coronation Street actress had “smashed it.”

She confirmed she was: “So happy, I didn’t want to let anyone down.”

And fans praised how well Sair had done otherwise, as she faced down 200 rats, Huntsman spiders and cockroaches.

sair khan i'm a celeb
We couldn’t have got through the spider tunnel (credit: ITV)

One wrote: “Wow what speed Sair of @itvcorrie & @imacelebrity did that trial in – she was amazing it was like there were no animals, bugs or critters in there with her at all!! Well done Sair You SMASHED It!!”

Another added: “Sair absolutely smashed that trial #imaceleb.”

sair khan i'm a celeb
She got through every single tunnel to win all ten stars (credit: ITV)

A third tweeted: “Last night’s trial. The sewer one. Just wanted to say Sair you are fabulous. You nailed that one tonight. You deserve to win. You’ve got my vote. So positive, happy and a real pleasure to see on the show. Fabulous my darling fabulous.”

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Even if the crocodile was safe, there was plenty of other scary stuff in that challenge. You did brilliantly, Sair!

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