Hollyoaks star Adam Rickitt has Loose Women audience in tears

The former Corrie star opened up about debilitating illness and his soulmate wife

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He made his debut in Hollyoaks tonight as Nancy Osbourn’s ex-boyfriend Kyle, who she bumped into at a Multiple Sclerosis support meeting.

But earlier today Adam Rickitt, who starred as Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street in the late 90s and early 00s, had the Loose Women audience in tears as he spoke about his ‘soulmate’ wife and debilitating illness.

While Kyle suffers from MS, Adam has a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis – which forces him to follow a strict exercise routine and diet.

He told the Loose Women panel that the condition causes the individual vertebrae in the spine to fuse and can lead to sufferers not being able to walk.

He said: “The only way to combat it is through diet and physical exercise.

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“I’ll be the fittest old biddy in the retirement home!”

He went on to explain how diet also helps to keep symptoms at bay, and that he can’t eat carbs, apart from at Christmas. Peas are a complete no-no too. He said: “It’s like the Atkins’ diet but 10 times worse! I can drink alcohol and can eat chocolate though!”

Ads then went on to gush about his wife, Good Morning Britain host Katy Fawcett, describing her as the other half of his soul. Awww.

He explained: “I thought I was so lucky in life because I had parents and family who support me, and I’d got into showbiz early, straight out of school, while I knew lots of people struggling.

“I reached 32, and thought, maybe I’ll be lucky in family and business, but not lucky in love.

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“But she turned up to interview me, and immediately after, I rang my mum and said, ‘I’ve met the girl I’m going to marry.

“I genuinely believe you’re born with half a soul, and the only way you become truly happy is by finding that other half.

“She’s the other half of my soul.”

Viewers took to Twitter to voice just how emosh Adam’s interview had made them.

One tweeted: “Adam made me cry. Your a very lucky lady. #Soulmates.”

So sweet.

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