Hollyoaks reveals new suspect in Amy Barnes murder

Is Ste being set up?

Hollyoaks viewers were left stunned last night when a new suspect was put in the frame for the Amy Barnes murder.

While Ste Hay is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the crime, his loved ones on the outside are trying to prove his innocence.

But now it seems Ste’s lawyer, James Nightingale, might have had something to do with Amy’s death. But why on earth would he have killed her?

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Mercedes McQueen saw somebody in the area on the night Amy was killed, but as she was robbing James’s flat at the time, she’s not come forward officially.

Wanting to help Ste in some other way, she’s been racking her brains to try and think of any little clue she missed.

And when she heard Courtney Campbell’s ringtone on last night’s E4 episode, it triggered a memory of hearing whoever she saw answering the same tone on the night of the crime.

She rushed over to tell James he needed to check Ste’s phone to see if he had the same tone, and when he later told her he’d been to the station and listened to it and Ste’s phone did ring with that sound, it seemed like case closed.

But then we witnessed James make a call to the station and ask them to corroborate his story should Mercedes ask. So it looks like he never checked at all.

It also became clear James was the one who had removed all of the posters Harry had put up pleading for help to prove Ste’s innocence.

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So just why is James sabotaging his own client’s case? Is he hiding something himself?

Fans have been quick to ask the same question on Twitter – and accuse James of committing the murder himself.

But what possible motive does James have for killing her? He’d never even really spoken to her, had he?

Viewers have got that one covered as well – they think James is framing Ste as punishment for Ste sleeping with James’s then boyfriend, John Paul.

Crikey, if that’s true, that would be huge!

With more twists in the tale to come, we’re not convinced we’d cracked it just yet, but one thing’s for sure, James is definitely hiding something.