Good Morning Britain guest causes a right old flap – and viewers love it!

Well, if you will bring animals into the studio...

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Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway got into a spot of bother today when a pair of HENS made an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

The feathery guests were brought into the studio with two representatives from the community project HenPower.

But as is often the case when you allow animals on the telly, things didn’t go quite according to plan, and the one Kate was holding soon started to get rather restless…

The segment started off quite calmly (Credit: ITV)

The two hens were brought onto the programme by Pam Snowball and Pat Cain, whose HenPower project aims to combat loneliness in old people by enabling them to care for farmyard animals.

And the segment started off fairly well, with the animals behaving themselves as the guests chatted away.

But then, without warning, the hen sat on Kate’s lap started flapping wildly, causing the presenter to momentarily go into shock.

With her hair being tossed all over the place and her festive frock in grave danger of being splattered with hen poo, she gasped: “It’s like a blow dry flown in!”

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At that point, a startled-looking Ben piped up: “It’s trying to lay an egg on you, Kate.”

He then looked towards the backstage crew and yelled: “Save me – they’re trying to force me to hold some flappy chickens!”

But then all hell broke loose as Kate’s hen started flapping (Credit: ITV)

And fans of the show clearly loved the incident. One tweeted: “I think all the hen flapping has flustered Kate’s fluttering lashes.”

Another joked: “The hens on #GMB were a lot better than the clucking hens on #LooseWomen.”

And a third laughed: “I love a good hen party, but Ben doesn’t seem too keen on being hen-pecked by the flighty birds.”

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Good Morning Britain is renowned for its spontaneous bursts of barminess. Just last week, Kate and Richard Arnold attempted to recreate an ambitious move from Strictly Come Dancing in the studio.

They managed to pull it off – kind of – but Kate and Richard ended up in fits of giggles in a heap on the floor.