Gregg Wallace weight loss

Gregg Wallace shares 8 weight loss tips as he launches game-changing new fitness website

The Celebrity MasterChef star reveals how to stay motivated

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Gregg Wallace is in the best shape of his life.

At 55-years-old, the Celebrity Masterchef judge tells Entertainment Daily he has never felt more confident.

Gregg Wallace discusses weight loss journey

“I  know I look good now and I have a confidence about how I appear,” he says. “I’m no longer buying clothes to cover up my body like I used to.”

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But this hasn’t always been the case.

Rewind back to 2013 and Gregg was left terrified after an appointment with his GP.

He weighed over 16 stone, had dangerously high cholesterol and was at risk of a heart attack.

The prognosis prompted the father-of-three to make some huge changes to his lifestyle.

Gregg Wallace (Credit: Gregg Wallace)
Gregg Wallace has launched a weight loss website (Credit: Gregg Wallace)

Weight loss transformation

Since then he has lost four stone, reduced his cholesterol and gained a six pack.

“I used to say to my personal trainer I’m too old really to have a six pack but he said that’s nonsense,” Gregg continues. “You are never too old!

“All that’s going to happen as you get older is that you have to be careful not to hurt something because it will take longer to mend.

“But there is no way you can’t have the body you want at any age.

“Why give into it? You don’t have to be old and flabby if you don’t want to be. Why not be firm and fit?”

Gregg has been inundated with questions about his weight loss journey with fans desperate to know what his secret is.

Gregg Wallace (Credit: Gregg Wallace)
The star with his wife Anna and son Sid (Credit: Gregg Wallace)

Gregg Wallace reveals secrets on new fitness website

With the comments constantly pouring in, he felt inspired him to create a fitness programme.

ShowMe.Fit with Gregg Wallace reveals exactly how the MasterChef star got into shape.

It includes recipes he put together with his wife Anna, exercise plans from his personal trainer Danny Rai, diet tips from nutritionist Katharine Bright, and advice on motivation from psychologist Dr Kevin Dutton.

Gregg admits: “If someone told me ten years ago that I was going to create a fitness programme, I would have laughed out loud.

“I never would have believed it in a million years.”

But once he started taking his weight loss seriously, Gregg dreamed of one day being be fit enough to inspire others.

I used to share that dream with my fitness instructor Danny,” he explains. 

“Lockdown actually made that dream possible because it gave me the time to make it happen.”

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Office is a bit of a mess – body isn’t

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Gregg Wallace reveals weight loss advice and tips

Following the launch of his website, Gregg shares some of his top weight loss tips with Entertainment Daily.

But of course, there’s plenty more where this comes from…

1. You will slip up

“I’ve come to the conclusion that it is more than enough to be good most of the time.

“One common pitiful is that people start a so called diet or fitness regime with really good intentions but then have one bad day and chuck it in.

“This is because they set their expectations too high. That’s not how I achieved my weight loss. That’s not how anyone is going to realistically do it. You have to bit by bit move yourself into a healthier place.

“You will lose some weight, then put on a few pounds but don’t give in. Get back on the horse.

“Weight loss isn’t a straight line.”

Gregg Wallace weight loss
Gregg has lost four stone since 2013 (Credit: BBC)

2. How to resist temptation

“People ask me ‘How do you not eat the bag of crisps and the cake?’ 

“So I asked Dr Kev and he told me ‘for a start, don’t have the crisps and the cake in the house!’

“I then asked Kat the nutrionist for some tips and she explained that if you fill yourself up with healthy foods, you won’t want [junk].”

Gregg Wallace (Credit: Gregg Wallace)
The MasterChef star has never felt more confident (Credit: Gregg Wallace)

3. Lift weights

“A lot of women don’t want to do weights because they think they’re going to look like bodybuilders.

“Believe me, that does not happen – not unless you give yourself testosterone injections!

“All that happens is your limbs and your belly get firmer and firmer and leaner and leaner.”

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Been exercising all week, I deserve a beer.

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4. Take caution with protein bars

“Do you know what I get angry about? Not unhealthy foods but foods that are sold as healthy when they’re not.

A protein bar may be sold to us as having lots of  protein – which they do.

“But they also invariably come with an enormous amount of fat and sugar added too.

“You’re never eating protein in isolation.

“When you buy protein bars, check what else is coming with it.”

Gregg with his MasterChef co-host John Torode (Credit: BBC)

5. Fats aren’t your enemy

“Another thing I’ve realised is that fats aren’t bad and carbs aren’t bad.

“No food group is bad.

“It’s just about getting the balance right.”

The couple have worked together on Gregg’s fitness website (Credit: ITV)

6. Snacking out of boredom

“Food can be a treat but only at meal times – do not have ‘treats’ between meal times.

“You can’t have this attitude where you don’t know what to do so you’ll have a biscuit.

“If you’re eating out of boredom, you’ve got to find something else.

“Dance around the living room, go for a walk, watch a film – find that mental stimulation somewhere else.

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Getting There

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7. Avoid diets

“Don’t bother with any fad diets.

“Please don’t embark on something you know you can’t maintain forever.

“Just move yourself into a healthier place bit by bit.

“Don’t do anything drastic like a fad diet, just do things gradually.

“Gradual is enough for anything.”

Gregg Wallace
Gregg is hoping to encourage others on their weight loss journeys (Credit: Splash News)

8. Sign up for my website!

“All I did to lose weight was make gradual changes.

“You never have to feel uncomfortable or hungry or consider what you’re not eating.

“I”ll show you how to do this and maintain those changes forever.”

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