Good Morning Britain presenter shares adorable childhood snap

They were a smiley young thing

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has shared a picture of him as a child to Instagram.

The pic showed him as a little lad sitting on a beer barrel. He’d captioned it “#tbf I’ve always loved my beer.”

Piers and the barrels (Credit: Instagram/ @thepiersmorgan)

Fans were quick to comment on the snap with one saying: “Haha look at you what a cutie.”

“What a cutie – what happened?!” another added

A third said: “How adorable were you! Nawwwww.”

While a fourth was a bit more cheeky, saying: “Is that how they dressed you in the 1930s Piers?”

Last night saw Piers terrify fans with the latest in his series interviewing serial killers.

The host met Mark Riebe at the Blackwater River Correctional Facility in the USA where he’s locked up for the murder of a pregnant woman.

Piers interviewed murderer Mark Riebe (Credit: ITV)

The dangerous 77-year-old is also suspected of killing another 12 women but police have yet to conclusively prove his guilt.

Piers was determined to try and get him to confess to the murders.

He stormed off when he didn’t want to answer Piers’ questions over how many women he has killed (Credit: ITV)

Many found the interview difficult viewing and praised Piers for having the guts to sit opposite the serial killer and interrogate him.

They found the man to be absolutely terrifying as he showed no remorse for his crimes.

They feared for Piers’ safety even more when he taunted the murderer after he lost his temper with the line of questioning and stormed out of the interview.

“Why can’t you answer these questions?” Piers shouted after him. “Why are you running away?”

He then goaded him further by telling him: “I know I’m not a 110 pound woman that you can kill.”

As Riebe walked away, Piers shouted: “You did kill them, didn’t you? You killed them all!”

Piers taunted the killer over his alleged crimes as he walked away (Credit: ITV)

Viewers praised Piers for standing up to Riebe but wondered if he feared he would be “lamped” for taunting him.

On Twitter, Piers admitted “the thought had crossed my mind” as “he had nothing to lose” but he was determined to see if he could rattle the prisoner into a confession.

He said the interview was “tense” and left him feeling “drained physically and emotionally” afterwards.

Earlier this week on Good Morning Britain, he told Susanna Reid he wasn’t afraid Riebe would be violent towards him as he was a male, and his victims in the past have always been vulnerable women.

He said he hoped Riebe one day gets the full punishment he deserves for his heinous crimes so the victims’ families can have some justice.

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