Holly Willoughby gives away MAJOR Star Wars spoiler – and fans are livid

Huge mistake, the presenter made

The perils of live TV are endless and ever-shifting. However, one rule that never changes is quite a simple one: don’t spoil films that haven’t come out in cinemas yet.

And ESPECIALLY don’t spoil a Star Wars movie, which has millions of dedicated followers around the world.

Unfortunately for poor Holly Willoughby, she seemed to break this cardinal rule on This Morning, in an excruciatingly awkward exchange with star John Boyega.

The chat started well (Credit: ITV)

John was talking with Holly and Phil via video link, and fans were happily enjoying the chat about the new Star Wars film- in very safe terms, not giving anything away – when Holly interrupted.

And what she said was a huge spoiler, that the director of the movie had desperately been trying to keep a secret before the film opens this weekend!

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If you don’t want a big surprise ruined, then stop reading here – but just in case, we’ve replaced the character Holly said with “REDACTED”.

She said: “And fans are very excited because [REDACTED] is back!”

Holly realises her slip (Credit: ITV)

A horrifed John immediately recoiled, and with a shocked expression on his face said: “Holly, Holly. I mean… you can’t tell the fans… exactly what happens!”

The presenter immediately tried to backtrack saying: “I don’t know what happens, I mean, that is out there…” while Phil giggled alongside her.

As John shook his head, lost for words, he said: “You know what… get your ticket!”

Phil tried to cover by saying: “Maybe [REDACTED] isn’t back… maybe it was you, doing the voice, because you’re very good at that!”

They all tried to laugh it off (Credit: ITV)

John then did his best to cover over the enormous gaffe as well, saying: “Maybe it was me on my knees!”

“You do do a good [REDACTED] impression though don’t you, that’s what I was getting at,” Holly then said, although by that point the damage was done.

Viewers on Twitter were incensed, with one writing: “HOLLY!!! What have you done.”

And another writing: “Holly revealing that Star Wars spoiler was worse than that judge tweeting the bake off winner.”

John then tried to get the conversation back on track by changing the subject, but will this go down in history as one of the biggest This Morning gaffes ever?

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Let’s hope it doesn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the film.

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