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Gemma Collins podcast: GC calls herself ‘an elephant’ as she has ‘photographic memory’

She revealed her secret skill on The Gemma Collins Podcast

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Gemma Collins likened herself to an elephant in the latest episode of her BBC podcast.

The former TOWIE star, 39, was boasting about her “photographic” memory when she said she’s a lot like one of the huge mammals.

Gemma Collins
On her podcast, Gemma Collins likened her memory to that of an elephant (Credit: Grant Buchanan / Flynet – SplashNews /

What did Gemma Collins say on her podcast?

Speaking about her secret talent, the GC said on her podcast: “I’m definitely an elephant. Because I think my ancestors are elephants. There is just nothing I don’t remember!

“I have a memory like an elephant [as] I can remember what people are wearing, what they ate. I have a photographic mind.”

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Speaking further, the TV diva said that she just has to “take a photo” in her head if there’s something she needs to remember.

Gemma Collins said she has a memory like an elephant (Credit: Pexels)

Often, she explained, it will be the outfit she wore on a particular day that will help trigger memories of other things.

I’ll remember the outfit I wore that day and it will lead me to remembering other things.

She continued: “If I need to remember something, I take a photo ‘click’ in my head. I can always remember. Sometimes, people say, ‘do you remember?’ And I’ll remember the outfit I wore that day and it will lead me to remembering other things.”

It follows comments Gemma made this week about Prime Minister Boris Johnson – and how she fancies him, now that he’s lost weight.

The GC also now fancies PM Boris Johnson (Credit: WP Pix /

Gemma Collins thinks Boris Johnson is a ‘sort’

The reality TV star admitted she is amazed at how well the PM looks these days and thinks he’s become a bit of a “sort”.

The Boris has reportedly lost at least a stone since he was in hospital with coronavirus earlier this year.

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After recovering from the virus, he went through a fitness and diet overhaul.

In a chat with PlayOJO bingom the GC shared her surprising admiration for the Prime Minister.

Gemma said: “Boris has lost some weight recently. I saw him on the news the other day with his weight loss and his holiday tan and I thought, ‘Boris looks a bit of a sort’.”

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