Hollyoaks fans react as Amy Barnes killer is FINALLY unmasked

Was it Ste?

Hollyoaks has revealed who killed Amy Barnes in a shock twist.

In E4’s first look episode on Tuesday night, Harry Thompson was unmasked as Amy’s assailant.

Harry did it, but will he let Ste go down? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

And now Ste Hay is trying to wreck the trial in order to cover for his fiance, meaning Ste will take the blame for it instead of Harry.

Hollyoaks had led us to believe it was about to air an EastEnders-style twist when it spent the entire episode hinting that one of Ste’s children, Leah or Lucas, had in fact murdered their mother, like Bobby Beale who killed his sister Lucy in the Walford-set soap.

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Ste didn’t want his kids to think he was guilty (Credit: Lime Pictures)

As Ste stared at a photo of his kids, he was heard narrating, saying: “Now I know who really killed Amy, sacrificing myself is the only option.”

Tony gave evidence first and it didn’t go too well as he admitted Diane had washed Ste’s clothes on the night of the murder.

James was trying to sabotage the case and now we know why (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Lawyer James spent the entire court case not asking any questions and making mistake after mistake to sabotage the case. Except Ste was in on it and wanted to be found guilty.

Meanwhile at home, Leah and Lucas were getting ready to make a big confession to daddy Ry Ry and Aunty Tegan.

We thought it was Leah and Lucas (Credit: Lime Pictures)

At the same time as Ste was confronting Harry, we waited with baited breath to hear the outcome of what Leah and Lucas had to say.

Lucas eventually confessed to wetting the bed, while Ste told Harry he knew it was him who had killed Amy. Shocker.

Ste’s covering for Harry (Credit: Lime Pictures)

We then saw a flashback of the struggle and Harry’s confused face as he realised Amy was dead.

Fans were stunned at the shock reveal, heading over to Twitter to express their feelings.

But others aren’t so sure the story ends there.

Many believe James is playing games and in fact Harry is not the killer at all.

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Although we now (supposedly) know who did it, Hollyoaks are set to air a shock shooting later this week when one of the official suspects is left fighting for their life.

We don’t know who will carry out the shooting or whether the victim will survive, but it’s clear the twists and turns of the case don’t end with the verdict.

In the meantime, it remains to be seen whether Ste will continue to take the blame for Harry, or whether Harry is set to confess all and take the punishment for his crime.

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