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Fans freaked out as Alan Carr debuts dramatically different new look

We did a double take

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Oh how we’ve missed Alan Carr. Since his celebrity talk show Chatty Man was cancelled over a year ago, we haven’t heard much from the comedian.

So fans were happy to see him reappear on Instagram, as he posted a selfie that had everyone a bit lost for words.

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The star showed off his new look, complete with full grown beard and without his signature glasses.

Credit: Instagram
Alan’s new look left fans in shock (Credit: Instagram)

Fans were shocked and were comparing him to Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away!

Alan captioned his selfie: “I think being a hipster suits me,” and hoards of fans were quick to voice their shock.

One fan commented: “I had to do a double take! So don’t look like you!”

Another said: “OMG… what happened to you ?????”

A third joked: “What has happened to you? How long were you stranded for?”

A fourth commented: “Wtf is that Alan? Are you auditioning for the new Bear Grylls. Deffo need the strimmer out for that lol.”

Credit: Instagram
Alan Carr: Chatty Man was cancelled last year (Credit: Instagram)

A few months ago it was reported that Alan is set to host the revival of a Bruce Forsyth classic – The Price Is Right.

It was first hosted by Leslie Crowther, then Bruce Forsyth, and Joe Pasquale even had a go at hosting but failed due to low ratings.

According to The Sun, the production company Thames is making the pilot. Thames produce The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

Credit: ITV
Alan is going to present a Bruce classic (Credit: ITV)

A source said: “Alan is seen as the perfect fit for The Price is Right.

“It’s an iconic programme so Channel 4 want to make sure they are getting it spot on.

“All being well with the pilot, they will look at bringing it back properly for a full series and even celebrity specials.”

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Bruce presented the show from 1995 to 2001, and was known for his catchphrase “Come On Down!”.

The show sees contestants compete to win cash as well as prizes by guessing the price of certain household items.

Credit: WENN
We can’t wait for Alan to return to our screens (Credit: WENN)

Alan remembers watching it growing up, and feels it’s something he’s always wanted to do. “I’m so excited to be the new host of The Price Is Right”, he said.

Adding: “It’s proper bucket list territory for me as I loved it when I was growing up and now for me to be at the helm of such a legendary show is a dream come true.

“It just leaves me with one thing to say . . .  come on down!”

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