Facebook user’s picture goes viral when nobody can find her pet

Spot the dog

You know what it’s like when you’re walking your dog, it’s getting late and you think you really should be heading home – only for the dog to have other ideas, and either bolt off into the distance, refuse to move, or try hiding!

That’s what looks to have happened to Karen Fornos Klein’s cunning canine, as it nestled down in a bed of ferns, rendering it almost invisible.

Can-ine you see the dog? (Credit: Facebook/Karen Fornos Klein)

Karen’s image was posted on the Surrey Dog Owners Facebook group, but quickly took on a life of its own, going viral and attracting hundreds of comments.

And most people aren’t able to spot the dog at all, but once you’re told where it is, it’s quite easy to see.

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You can just about see the pooch’s head poking out from the background, so rest assured there is one in there.

The dog in question is named Ambar.

Ambar is a champion hider (Credit: Facebook/Karen Fornos Klein)

Karen spoke to ED! about the once-in-a-lifetime image, saying: “I didn’t expect it to be so popular.

“My husband does these pictures every week and posts them on our dog groups for some fun.

“This was probably the first one I actually took and published – and suddenly our dog is famous.”

If you’ve been hunting for ages and still haven’t managed to spot Ambar in the image, don’t fret – you’re far from alone.

But here’s a spoiler image with the pup circled, so you can see where she’d bunkered down.

There’s that dog! (Credit: Facebook/Karen Fornos Klein)

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There you have it – now you don’t have to drive yourself barking searching any longer!