Emmerdale’s Chas to be the surrogate mum for Aaron and Robert?

She recently lost her own child with Paddy Kirk

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden long to have a child of their own, and Emmerdale fans are right behind them.

After all, they’ve already had loads of practice with Robert’s son Seb and are probably one of the most loving couples in the Dales (to be fair, though, that’s not saying much!).

Robert and Aaron got married in September (Credit: ITV)
Robert and Aaron got married in September (Credit: ITV)

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This week, viewers have seen fan fave Aaron pushing forward with his plans for a family, despite husband Robert voicing his reservations.

Head and heart set on going ahead with finding a surrogate mum to carry their child, Aaron met with Jeremy and his surrogate Lucie behind Rob’s back.

Last night (Tuesday 5 March), fans became convinced the couple were planning to scam Aaron – and had a much better suggestion instead!

Aaron meets scammer surrogate parents?
Aaron met Lucie and warmed to her immediately… But is she for real? (Credit: ITV)

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Convinced Lucie and Jeremy are, in fact, scammers and planning to fleece Aaron for his money, viewers are convinced that Chas Dingle will eventually become the surrogate mum.

One fan predicted: “I am totally seeing Chas being the eventual surrogate AND THEN a SL of Chas bonding with the baby and not wanting to give it to #robron because of her losing Grace. #emmerdale. Especially if it’s a girl. I don’t see another boy.”

Another said: “Having a surrogate NOT wanting to give up the child they’re carrying IS realistic. And with what Chas just went through makes perfect sense and the angst it would cause if she got too attached? Mother vs son for the child.”

A third said: “I hope they don’t think about having Chas be the Robron surrogate. She’s a little old and after losing Grace, she would bond with that baby and they would have to tear that baby from her cold dead hands.”

“I think it would be all Chas’ idea if they did it,” mused another. “Paddy would be totally against it and she would do it anyway because she will do anything for Aaron insisting she can handle it.”

Emmerdale viewers know that Chas is set to reveal a big secret during a special all-female episode for International Women’s Day.

Last year, Chas and Paddy said goodbye to their newborn baby daughter Grace in devastating scenes.

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